Friday, May 6, 2011

Thank A Teacher...

It's teacher appreciation week...that's right, a week set aside to thank the people who serve as educators, social workers, problem solvers, baby sitters, inspirational speakers, cheerleaders, coaches, and a million other things to the kids of this world.
I'm a teacher. I get paid to be there from 7-2:45 five days a week, yet I'm always there until at least 3:30, and sometimes way later than that. I always have kids in my room after school, getting work done or made up. I'm constantly emailing parents about missing work, behavior problems, slipping grades, personal successes, or funny things that happened in class. I give kids lunch money when they don't have money in their accounts, tissues when they're crying, or advice whenever they come and ask for it (and sometimes even when they don't). I cheer my kids on, and would do absolutely anything to get them to learn and love science as much as I do.
Why do I do it?
Because my teachers did it for me, and them loving what they do and enriching my life inspired me to want to do that for others.
Did we even have teacher appreciation week when I was in school? I don't know. I do know that if they did I never bothered to thank them nearly as much as I should have. I never knew how hard their jobs really were, and they never let on- they loved their jobs as much as I love mine.
So to all of the over worked men and women who share this crazy, under-appreciated, fun profession Happy Teacher Appreciation Week. You make a difference every day, and the children who's lives you touch will continue to do great things for many years to come.

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