Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Water Baby

As I said in our 8 month post- we started swimming lessons with the Y.  At first I was a little nervous, because some kids freak out at the water even if they like the bathtub. 

My kid?

Walked right in.

He loved it. The only time he cried, was when we tried to take him out. 

That first night we did front floats and back floats.  In the subsequent lessons we've mastered cruising on the kick board and going under the water.  Oh and flirting and making kissey noises at our 16 year old instructor.

Looks like this kid will be spending lots of time this summer in the water...and thats okay with this Momma. I need a tan, stat.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Eight Months Old

Grayson Boy-

Sweet baby boy, you're a constant amazement to your Daddy and I. You're trying to hard to grow up too fast in my opinion...and I know that as the days and years go by you're just going to keep on going.

This month was a bit of a struggle to get your pictures because you would.not.sit.still!
At first I tried it by myself because Daddy was outside working, but I quickly realized this was a two man job. You have quickly decided that you don't want to sit still for a second, and you are more than ready to walk. Gravity however, is a little bit of your enemy as your body is still pretty darn wobbly. You love cruising on all of the furniture, and will even pull yourself up on Kaos if you have the chance.

Your fifth tooth is just about to come in, and its been a bugger. You already have your bottom two middle teeth, and your two eye teeth. Which kind of makes you look like a little vampire, but its so darn cute I love it. The one were waiting on will be a middle tooth, and I'm sure the other will not be far behind.

You're still in 6-9 month clothing, but we've started putting you in some 12 month shorts- just so they fit you all summer. They're a little big, but they work. 

You babble all of the time. We have distinctly heard you say Mama, Dadda and Nana- but you haven't associated them with any of us yet. Please little guy, for the sake of my belly that you kicked and punched for 9 + months, please say Mama first.  Otherwise Daddy's head will get so big we wont be able to get him out the door. 

Daddy ran his first half marathon with Grandma, and you were there to cheer them on the whole time. You also got to go running around with her in your jogging stroller, and you fell asleep each time. Grandma still thought you were a good running partner though.

You eat everything. It doesn't matter what were eating, you want to try it.  So far we have only found that you dislike applesauce and some baby foods. Tonight you chowed down on broccoli and mushrooms and were happy as a clam. I hope these good eating habits continue, and you don't switch it up and become a picky eater on us.

You started to learn how to really play with your toys this month. You know where to put the cars to get them to come down the track, and the balls go in the top of the gum ball machine. When you want to turn the toy on you know where the buttons are, sometimes even Momma cant find the darn things.

You started swimming lessons and you are a FISH in the water.  You love the water, and even dunk yourself in your baby pool outside.  The swim instructor has been so impressed with you, he said you're one of the best babies hes seen in the water. We'll keep you in the water as much as you'd like, and we're going to keep them going as long as you seem to enjoy them.

We started putting you to sleep in your crib on your own- a huge step for Momma.  We used to let you fall asleep in your swing, but you're quickly out growing that and so we had to try this whole sleep training business.  It took you one night of crying for 20 minutes, then one night of less than 10 minutes to going down in less than 5 minutes tonight.  You've also started staying asleep longer and you seem to be less tired during the day, so its a win win for us all.

You gave up your bink this month. One day you just decided that you were over it and didn't want it anymore.  Its pretty amazing how you seem to be raising yourself, but really I wouldn't mind if you let Daddy and I help a little bit.

Thats about it for this month big boy. You are the most amazing blessing we could ever have asked for, and you fill our days with joy, laughter, pride and hope.  We love you to the Moon and back, and wouldn't trade a minute of our time with you for anything in the world. You continue to learn things and do new things every day, and amaze us with how smart you are.  We cant wait to see what is in store for us next month, especially cause Mommy will be off and get to spend three whole months watching you grow.

Love you Always and Forever,


Motivation Needed!

Tonight I started my Couch to 5k program.

When hubs and I met, I was a size 4. Eight years, many late night pizzas and a Grayson Boy later my ass couldn't squeeze into a 4 with a tub of Crisco and a prayer.

The Couch-to-5K ® Running Plan

Do I want to be a runner? No not really. I find it boring. But I need to do something to get myself back into shape...and back into the single digit sizes. This seemed like a good place to start.

It seems pretty doable. Tonight as I got on the treadmill I said- there is no freaking way I can run for 60 seconds straight.  But to my own amazement I did (or perhaps embarrassment as Hubs was on the couch and I didn't want to collapse into a heap in front of him...Id never hear the end of that after his arse ran a half marathon).  You run three days a week for about 30 minutes total, and I can do it after Grayson goes down for the night. Lucky for me he can sleep through the thump thump of a treadmill from down the hall.

So pray for me I attempt to get my bum back into shape without killing myself first. 

Friday, May 18, 2012

Bye Bye Binky!

Grayson has weaned himself from his bink at 7 1/2 months old.

Remember the kid who held on to his binky with both hands?

Was in love with his wub-a-nub?

Those days are gone.

Now, he'll rub the stripes on the monkey and chew on the foot but he doesn't want the bink and refuses if you try to slip it in his mouth.  Today at Grammys she tried to slip his bink in as he was falling asleep with a bottle in his mouth. As soon as he realized it wasn't his bottle he woke up, tossed the binky across the room, gave a loud yell, rolled to his side and fell fast asleep. Almost as if to say I don't need no stinking binky, I'm a big boy.

I know I should be glad, because we wont have the three year old walking around with a binky- but I have to admit it makes me a little sad.  Hes growing up too fast for my liking, but from what I hear it just keeps going faster and faster.

Love this little man.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

My Hubs ran the Half Marathon- and I ate doughnuts.

Last weekend was a busy one in our house, the Marathon was upon us.  Patrick had been in training for a few months getting ready to run his 13.1 miles side by side with his Momma. 

It was a gorgeous day, a little warm for those people who had to actually run, but perfect for taking the little guy out to see his Daddy and Grandma cross the finish line.

And that they did in two hours, twenty nine minutes and forty five seconds.

Getting all pinned up for the race

Someone was not thrilled at being woken up so early to see Daddy run.

Using iron on transfers I made Grayson a little t-shirt that matched his Daddy's bib number- we had SO many compliments on it, it was unreal.

Before pictures- the two runners.

I melt.

Big Buddy, Little Buddy and Grand Buddy

Grayson was clearly over the picture portion of the morning.

Eating doughnuts and drinking some milk while Daddy and Grammy ran- well we had to do SOMETHING for two and a half hours :)

Wearing Daddy's medal in the park after the finish. 

So proud of them...Lord knows I would have died.

We saw them take off, then part way through the race- but we missed them crossing the finish line because the time tracker said they were two minutes behind where they were.  Oops.

Next year Ill try harder...maybe Ill even skip the doughnuts and head straight to the finish line to get a spot. 

Friday, May 11, 2012

Being a Momma- A Glamorous life?

A friend of mine recently shared her desire to have children with me, she cant wait to be someones Momma.  She talked at length about all of the things she wants to do with her future kiddos, and her expectations and hopes. It was a great conversation, because I could relate to alot of what she was saying with how I feel about my bean. What I found ironic about our conversation was when she said

"Your life is so much more glamorous than mine, I'm jealous." 

Now this girl is married to a gorgeous guy, travels all over the world, goes to bi-monthly spa dates with her friends and is always dressed impeccably with a perfect manicure. So shes hardly living an un-glam life.

After asking her first if she was kidding, then after confirming she was serious suggesting she go get a CT scan I started to think- is my life glamorous?

I remember my pre-Grayson life.  I had my hair cut and colored on a regular basis. I went and had mani/pedis at least once a month. I went out to cool restaurants and stayed up till all hours of the night. I had a closet full of clothes that fit.  It was pretty great at the time, but I wouldn't have called that life glamorous.

My Momma life? Totally different.

I haven't colored my hair since before I learned I was pregnant, and I haven't had it cut since October. I have had maybe one pedicure in the last 8 months, and lord knows no manicures. I'm in bed shortly after Grayson goes down, which is to say I'm usually passed out by 9 pm.  I prefer to stay in for dinner now, because I don't want to mess with our bath time/bedtime routine.

I wake up on days I'm not working and put on my standard Mom-a-form.  That's my Momma uniform, and it usually consists of black yoga pants or capris and a tshirt. My hair is usually always pulled up off of my face because little man has a thing with pulling on it. 

If I'm not careful when I'm changing a diaper I can get peed on, and have received one or two showers for not paying attention. I have caught spit up in my hand, and certainly had it on my shoulder a time or two when I left the house. I have held my little guy down and used the booger sucker to clear out his nose, taken his temp in places no thermometer should have to go, and cleaned poop off of his little boy parts gagging at the smell while he giggled at me from the changing table. I have ordered food in a restaurant only to have to leave it because a little guy started to cry and needed held, walked or fed himself.

I'm sure at some point in his life I will have to clean poop out of the tub, eat something soggy that he has already drooled on and is now shoving in my mouth, and clean up full fledged vomit from every imaginable surface.  As a boy I know there are going to be messes that will have the phrase "Just wait till Daddy hears what you did" jumping from my mouth, and I will clean those up too.

So no, my life certainly isn't glamorous, by any stretch of the imagination.

 Is it pretty perfect though? Yes. I wouldn't change anything about it for the world, that's for sure. 

Although I wouldn't mind the occasional hair cut and mani/pedi. Just sayin.

Tips and Tricks- The Pinterest Edition!

School is over in 28 days lovelies, and my poor brain cant take it anymore.

So I turn to Pinterest for this months edition of Tips and Tricks!

1. This one was uploaded by user, so I'm not sure whose idea/photo this was- but we need to be friends. Instead of using ice in your coffee to make iced coffee, use ice cubes made from coffee so it doesn't get watered down. The more caffeine the better I say! (If this is yours- let me know so I can give you the credit your amazing brain deserves!!)

2. From This Old House- a way to avoid scrubbing the tops of your cabinets! (Please tell me I'm not the only crazy lady who cleans up there?!) Simply place a layer of waxed paper on the top of upper cabinets where dust and grease particles gather. Then every few months, simply switch out the paper for a new sheet!

3. From the smartie-arties over at Stylelist Home, how to remove those obnoxious carpet dents. They have a list of ideas, but the easiest one is ice.  Simply place a few cubes on the dent, wait until it melts and then use a sponge to soak up the extra water. Then use a spoon to lift the carpet fibers and dent be gone!

4. I have to share Annie from over at Annilygreen's Super Mom Moment.
Its that amazing, it needs repeated. Esp with summer coming.
What do you do when you have a kiddo who repeatedly asks for Popsicles? Stick a stick in some yogurt and pop it into the freezer of course! Instant fro yo. Healthier than a fudgesicle and delish to boot!


5. The Travel Writer's Life is responsible for our next great idea- using a button to store earrings. Perfect for travel or simply tossing them in your jewelry box, it keeps them together and easy to find!

6.  Another why didn't I think of that moment. When cooking, cover a bowl in aluminum foil and pour the excess grease in. Once its hardened, roll up the foil and toss away.  You can also fill an aluminium can if you have one of those lying around!

7. Found on use a can of Crisco to make an emergency candle. Simply stick in a wick and it will burn for up to 45 days.  Surely that's enough time for Duquesne Light to get the power back on!


8. When you have a party, take some of the extra balloons, fill them with water and freeze them. Use these to keep drinks cold rather than paying money for ice!  This is all over Pinterest, and I'm not sure who came up with it originally...but Ill bet its someone whose hubby forgot to buy some ice....

9.  Summer to me means consuming tons of fresh corn on the cob- but Im a freak about the strands of silk.  Real Simple posted the great idea to use a clean toothbrush to remove stray threads of silk from freshly shucked ears of corn. The bristles will lift them away quickly and efficiently- and in alot less time than peeling off each piece like I used to do!

10. Have you ever heard of the blog I'm a Lazy Mom? If you haven't, go here. Now. Don't wait.  Stacey is the hilarious, smart, super real momma who shares her wisdom out there for Moms who are busy raising children who can actually do things for themselves.  YESS!  That alone is enough for this high school teacher (who was asked this week if I could just jot down a childs homework in their planner for them and remind them to bring it home to Mommy) coming back daily for more. Shes full of these amazing, life simplifying tips- the kind that make you smack your hand to your head and say "Why didn't I think of that?"  Ive been stopping by her blog every few days for awhile now, and was super excited to find a post of hers on Pinterest that I hadn't read yet.  Her dose of brilliance has to do with my least favorite chore ever, laundry.

Basically, buy each member of the family a mesh lingerie laundry bag and a hook. They then put their dirty socks in the bag each night. Then when it's full, you wash the whole mesh zipped up bag, and give it back! No more sorting through and figuring out which socks are for which person! Then the kiddos or hubs is on his or her own to sort through the socks.

Thats all for today lovelies- my poor brain hurts!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Month Seven Must Haves

Heres what we're loving this month!

I never thought my son's first car would be when he was 6 months old, but he is obsessed with this jeep. We actually got this at Christmas time, but just this month did we bust it out of the box. Grayson LOVES it, and putters around the whole downstairs in it.  Its super lightweight, goes on carpet as well as hardwood, makes super cute car noises and has a mirror.  Its a win win for him for sure. He looks a bit like Fred Flinstone sometimes, but I think thats just a bonus.

This is seriously Graysons favorite toy. Its got these little bean shaped tumblers, that jump and tumble and he just laughs the whole time he plays with it.  He knows how to make the music come on, and how to make the wheel spin.  Its the cutest thing ever when he puts the bean on the yellow track and laughs as it comes to the bottom.

These were our first 'big boy' food item. We started breaking them into quarters, now he can eat them whole, but hes such a little bird when he sees the container come out.  They're great for sprinkling on the tray of his high chair when were cooking dinner- they keep him busy picking up and eating them for a good half hour.

Okay, so this is more of a Mommy must have- but its still awesome.  We wanted a pocket video camera that we could capture all of Grayson's little moments on, without spending a ton of cash. This camera has met and exceeded all of our expectations. It goes from off to on and recording in three seconds, its waterproof up to 10 feet, shock proof, dust proof and husband who is clumsy proof. It uses an SD card, and a 4GB card can last for a whole hour.  Plenty of time for capturing little moments in our little mans life.

With Grayson starting to crawl, we spent too much time smashing our face into the hardwoods.  Enter this play mat.  We bought two sets to cover the floor in the living room where Grayson plays the most- and now when he topples over he just gets right back up. The gray color matches our living room, so it didn't look too silly in the middle of the floor.  One set only covers a 4 x 4 area, so if you need something bigger be prepared to get two or three sets.

Thats all for this month, if you missed months 1-6 check out the Raising Parents tab!

Seven Months Old

My Grayson Boy,

Seven months old already.  Wow.  Daddy and I cant believe how many things you do new each day, and its crazy to think that it wasn't that long ago you were not here.

You really are a joy, Grayson Boy.  You're such a smiley, happy, silly boy and you fill our house with love and toys and noise and giggles and we LOVE it.
  • We had you at the Doctor 3 days before your seven month birthday, and you weigh in at a whopping 20 pounds 10 oz.  You're getting so big- Momma is not going to be able to carry you in the car seat much longer! 
  • You're in size 6-9 month clothing, but can still wear 3-6 month shirts. You're also still in size 3 diapers, and we've found that Pampers seem to be the best for you.
  • We celebrated your first Easter, and the Easter Bunny was super nice to you.  Almost as nice as your Grandmas were.
  • You started eating solid foods, and Grammy taught you to chew chew chew so you don't choke on your food.  You want to try everything we're eating, but baby food you're pretty picky on.
  • You went to your first Birthday party, your cousin Gavin turned 5 and Silas turned 1. You ate your first piece of birthday cake and discovered you LOVE icing.
  • You started to CRAWL! Wooo hoooo!! My crazy baby, you wouldn't go any where but backwards one day and the next you were crawling everywhere!  Your favorite thing is to crawl from the living room into the pantry and play with the magnets on the door, but you also like to look out the front door to see if Daddy is home yet.
  • Your third tooth came through this month, on the top- and it brought on your first ear infection. It was so hard for Momma to see you sick, but a few days on Amoxicillin and you felt much better. Speaking of teeth, you have discovered a love for brushing your teeth.  You will let us brush at first, then you have to give it a try yourself.  Its the cutest thing ever if you ask me.
  • You started to pull yourself to standing, first on the couch, then on the ottoman at Grammy's, then in your crib. You haven't started cruising yet, but can you slow it down just a notch, baby boy? Mommy isn't quite ready for you to be running around yet.

Thank you for being the best baby Daddy and I could ever ask for.  We love you so much, and each day we love you even more.  I cant wait for summer so we can spend all kinds of time together doing all kinds of fun stuff, and maybe we'll even let Daddy tag along some times. :)

Love you so much pickle.


Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Uh-oh, we're mobile!

Grayson has officially started to crawl, forward and with purpose.

Today I put him on his play mat and went to the kitchen to make a bottle. Not a minute later when I turned around, there he was, propped up on his belly on the kitchen floor looking proud as can be.

Insert the "Holy Hell, how did you do that" yelp from the Momma here.

Now don't get me wrong, I knew it was coming. For weeks now he has been getting up on all fours, but before yesterday he had never crawled more than five paces forward.  Usually he's like the Paula Abdul song- two steps forward and then two steps back.  He wasn't really getting anywhere.  Well, my little over achiever decided to change that today.

As if that wasn't enough, he also decided today to start feeding himself little bites of food from his high chair tray. Before he would just open his mouth and yell at us to put the puffs or bites of whatever we were eating in his mouth. Big things he's mastered, now we're working on the small stuff.

Oh yeah, and we also tried to pull ourselves up to a standing position on the Jumparoo.

I know I said I don't want to miss a single first- something I worry about alot being a working momma- but I never expected three in one day.  Don't tell the bean, but Id be totally okay if he stayed small for just a smidge more time.

Fashion to Figure Giveaway Winner!!

Well it only took me 20 minutes to figure out how to take a screen shot- but I got it!! 

Who would have thunk that giving away $30 to Fashion to Figure would teach me a new skill, too!!

Anyway- on with the goods!!  There were 15 of you lovelies who entered, and using we have a winner!

And the lucky lady is- Kristi Boyko!

Kristi said she loves the castaway striped top, and I hope it looks fab on her!

Ill be in touch soon to get you hooked up with your prize :)

Thanks again to the wonderfully generous people over at Fashion to Figure!