Sunday, August 28, 2011

The VMA's

Ohhh MTV- do you even play music videos anymore?
I do not know, but I do know that I owe the VMA's alot.
In 2004 I invited a friend from college over to watch them and pig out with me- it was my tradtion back then. He had just returned from Tennessee for sophomore year of college and was hungry for real food so he came. As we sat and watched Jessica Simpson and OutKast preform and eating pizza and wings and catching up on everything that had happened over the summer, something happened. Before he left that night he asked me if I thought I was ready to date again (high school boyfriend dumped me during spring semester), and I joked back "Why, do you know any nice single guys who arent total jerks?" He said, "Give me a few days and I will." I assumed he meant he would check around on campus and find me a nice guy...I didnt realize he was going home to finally break it off with his on-again/off-again casual dating girlfriend from home and would ask me out to a movie that weekend. Where he would open my car door for the first time, pay for my dinner for the first time, and hold my hand and tell me I was the most beautiful person he had ever known before he kissed me.
This picture is from the next weekend, when he took me to my first Pirates game.
A little over six years later, I married him.
So tonight as I watch the VMA's and wonder what in the hell some of these people are on....I realize I owe a heck of alot to MTV. But goodness what I wouldn't give for some Jessica Simpson- at least I knew the words to her songs!

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