Wednesday, December 31, 2014

I dont even think I can call myself a blogger anymore...

Guys! Why do I suck at life so hard?
You know its bad when your father tells you its time to update your blog. Seriously.
PS- Hi, Melissa! Thanks for telling on me! :)
It just seems lately that life is busy. Even if I don't really do anything. The kid is busy, so I am busy. However, I told the hubs I miss this 20 minute brain dump time and I want to get back to blogging on the regular. I.E. not telling you about Fathers Day in September. 
So that's on the list of resolutions.
I need to write about Halloween, Christmas, The adventures of Bob the Elf, Christmas tree hunting, my best friend getting married, things we've chucked away at on the house bucket list, and just life in general. My phone has a list of ideas, I just have to get them out of the brain and onto the blog.
Another thing I want to do is de-clutter my life. I've set up the challenge of ridding AT LEAST one bag of trash per week from this house. Donate, Sell, Trash- I don't care how it gets out of here but it needs gone.  In all seriousness though, I rarely trash anything.  I usually try to give it to someone I know is in need, put it on free cycle or craigslist, or donate it. Far too much trash going to landfills, and just because I don't want it anymore doesn't make it trash. I just in all seriousness would like to be able to open the closets and see organization, and not total chaos. I really think if that was the case, I would have more time to do other things- like blog!
If any of you are still bothering to read this, thank you for sticking around! I appreciate it more than you'll ever know and I really promise to try harder.
For today I'll leave you with a few of Grayson's Christmas pictures- because no post is complete without a picture, right?!


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