Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Halloween 2014

Early in September my mother in law texted me a picture of a Buzz Lightyear costume for Grayson, saying it would be cute if he wanted to be Buzz. Well at that time it was a lion, then a yellow bee, then a super guy. Fast forward to when they were in town for Grayson's birthday and we hit the costume store, where Grayson decided he wanted to be none other than Buzz Lightyear. 
Well the costume at the costume store was pretty chincy looking, so we trekked out to the Disney store and Gigi and Pap suited him up as Buzz. A few weeks later we hit the streets.

Of course, the weather was crappy. It was semi misting/raining. That wasn't going to stop this kid though, he was on a candy getting mission.

One of my favorite things about the neighborhood is the fact that the firefighters participate in the holidays. So obviously, we had to make that our first stop. 

It wasn't to infinity and beyond, it was more like once around the block, but we still had a blast! Grayson came home with two pumpkin buckets full of treats and a sugar high to last for days. Id call that Halloween success.


  1. Hi, I've been blog hopping and I found your blog today. I'm glad I did because Toy Story is one of my all time favorite animated movies and your son looks so incredibly adorable as Buzz Lightyear. It was too bad it rained, but it's good that the day turned out okay anyway. Have a great rest of the week... :)

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