Friday, January 14, 2011

New Year- New Couch.

The first room we renovated when we bought the house was the living room. It had hideously old cat pee stained red carpet, antique white smoke stained walls and a rickety old ceiling fan. Out came the carpet, down came the fan and up went the chosen wall color- Emerald Isle.

I loved the wall color, it looks great with the original hardwood floors which are stained an antique oak color as well as the dark original woodwork. However, as our decorating style started to take shape we realized Irish green wasn't really in our color palate. But we figured, we had other rooms to tackle before we worried about redoing the rooms that were already done. Until last week- when we bought the new couch. Roomful Express is going out of business and at 70% off this baby came home with us.

As you can see, its a big comfy upgrade from our small Ikea couch- but the gray-green color makes the Emerald Isle walls look hideous. The table is also new, courtesy of the clearance center at Roomful Express. I've already had visions of the table being a beautiful soft white, but the walls are a different story. Here's what we got so far...

I'm somewhere in the soft gray family. Soft white (top left) and dark gray (top left) have been voted out. Currently I'm torn between the four on the bottom row...but that could all change with a trip to Home Depot. Any suggestions?

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