Monday, July 11, 2011

DIY Vinyl Calendar

Step one of getting organized involves making sure everyone is where they need to be when they need to be there. A few months ago I saw this project over at Sarah's blog Life Sweet Life and thought "hmm I can do that!" Well today, I decided it was time to get started.
I had an old picture frame lying around the house that I had bought on clearance for $3.00 at JoAnn's a long time ago. . (Please forgive the bad pictures, the good camera was dead so my point and shoot will have to do!)
I removed the back and hot glued the glass to the frame. I simply ran a line of hot glue around the frame and inserted the glass. Then to make sure it was in there good and tight I added another layer to the top of of the glass and folded down the tabs on the back of the frame to secure the glass. I used my Cricut to cut out the vinyl that I got super cheap at I purchased a 12x24 sheet of one of about 38 colors for around $1.89. Go to Michaels and two sheets is going to cost at least $9, and you cant get near as many colors. Shipping was also very cheap and very fast.
My kitchen is light blue and white, so I went with a black, dark blue and gray color scheme. I used the Cricut Cartridge Designers Calendar that I got on clearance, I use it to make really fun calendars for my classroom. It already had the blank calendar and the days of the week on it, I just had to choose which ones I wanted and hit cut!
I knew I wanted the calendar to be dry-erase, so I used the flip feature to cut the words out backwards and stuck them on the back of the glass. I know the Cricut Expression has this button, but Im not sure about the other Cricut machines.
I used brackets to signify where I can write in the Month and added our name for a little personalization. After it was all stuck on there, I went over it with some windex to remove fingerprints and Volia- Done!
As for sizes- the frame is 12x12, so I cut out an 8 inch calendar box. The days of the week are all 1 inch, the name is 1 1/2 inches and the brackets are 2 inches. I left some space at the side to write in any notes that I may need to remember that month. All I need to do is find a skinny dry erase marker and Im good to go!
The best part- I already had all of the supplies, making this a free project :)
Now- the next challenge is to actually get the hubs to use it....we'll see how it goes!

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