Monday, July 11, 2011

Getting Organized

It really is amazing how much crap two people can accumulate. The hubs and I have lived together for three years, and he's been in this house for 8. As I start to clean out closets, go through drawers and the attic I keep finding the craziest stuff that for the life of me I cant imagine why we have. Why do two people need a case, think 30 of them, of Jose Cuervo shot glasses? ("Because they were free at the bar one night!" claims hubs.) What about a candle powered fondue set? A kitchen towel warmer? (Christmas gifts gone way wrong) A set of wall sconces with dogs on them? (No idea). As I prepare for this baby one thing is for sure...a yard sale is in our immediate future, and anything that doesn't sell will be at goodwill ASAP. Hopefully the Hubs wont be here for it, or he may cry when he realizes I'm adding his candy bar vending machine and rock em sock em robots to the pile- Christmas gifts that a guy his age does not need. Wish me luck!

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