Saturday, April 7, 2012

I guess to Grayson The Easter Bunny > Santa.

After the disastrous visit to see Santa, I didn't hold out much hope for taking Grayson to see the Easter Bunny. Patrick had to work, and even told me he didn't mind if he wasn't there- since the boy probably wouldn't let the bunny within 10 feet of him without screaming bloody murder. 

So off Grammy and I went to the mall on Good Friday, and we stood in the 45 minute line with a very happy, smiley, pleasant baby. I started to think there might be hope. 

When we got to the front of the line, the bunny stretched out his arms and to my shock the kiddo reached out and squealed. He actually wanted the bunny to hold him.
 *Insert Momma's jaw hitting the floor here*

He petted the bunny's fur, smiled, cooed, laughed, and babbled away to the bunny while we got the picture. I'm pretty sure he thought the Bunny was just a puppy, and was probably thrilled that he was standing still to let him play. Grayson is in love with his two puppies at home, but they don't usually stand still long enough to let him get a few handfuls of fir in his fists. The Bunny was a willing victim. It was perfect- and it almost makes paying $25 for the photos worth while.

Happy Easter, Lovelies!

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