Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas 2012

Grayson Boy must have been on Santa's nice list this year- well if not Santa, at least the Grandparent's good list.
Its a tradition that Santa sends an early present to you- usually PJs and Slippers for Christmas morning. Santa knew Grayson already had some nifty new slippers, so he sent PJs and a book instead.

Then in our spanking new jammies we put out cookies and milk for Santa

However, Grayson decided he needed to sample them before Santa got a taste. Despite Daddy warning that's a good way to get on the naughty list.

Cookie thief.

Trying to get a family photo where Momma doesn't have half closed eyes- fail.
However, Santa mustnt' have minded because
Christmas morning looked something like this:
Santa left his footprints by the cookies and milk
 Checking them out!
Patrick's parents stay with us for the holidays, so Grayson gets to wake up with two of his favorite people in the house.  When they are around- Patrick and I do not exist.  Christmas day is crazy. We start at home, then head to my Mom's, then my Dad's, my Grandma's then Patricks Grandparents. Time is budgeted and a schedule is made. However Grayson tossed us off the schedule by taking a 2.5 hour nap at Nana's. Here's a little snap shot into the day.

Pappy made him a fire truck pedal car for Christmas- the back half is a super sweet bookshelf/toybox. Grayson loves it...Momma isnt so sure about all of the alarms Pap installed on the sucker though.  

Opening gifts with Nana

Loved this face when he saw his remote controlled car.

The year of the cars- Grayson was also gifted his own truck by my dad. 

We always end the evening at Gong and Pap's.  Its full of food, family and presents. This is my favorite picture- the four generations of K men. Every year it gets more an more apparent that this child will look NOTHING like me as he gets older.
In other news, I now own my own toy store- its located where my dining room used to be. Feel free to stop on by and play sometime!
Merry Christmas 2012!


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