Monday, December 31, 2012

2012- A Year in Review.

This year has been crazy amazing. When I look back at my posts from January I realize my little man was only turning 4 months old and wasn't able to talk, walk or really interact all that much.  Some days, not going to lie, I really miss those days- at least the non-mobile part. Dude runs around like a crazy person. Her es a look back at the things that made this year incredible.
January brought my first ever tips and tricks post- and its been a favorite with over 1.5 million (HOLY FREAKING EFF!) page views. Grayson hit the four month mark, and we shared our must haves.  From that list, we still play with the turtle, the bunny and Scout- so they were some pretty darn good picks! I shared some cold weather favorite recipes and how to make homemade baby food. To top it off I celebrated my 27th birthday with my favorite little man in my arms.
February was busy with the first round of teething troubles (teeth suck sometimes!). You lovely ladies shared some great tips for what worked with your kiddos to ease tooth pain- a frozen washcloth filled with applesauce has been a fave! Tips and Tricks 2 hit the old blog this month. I also got to see a girl send my little boy his first valentine- hello heart breaker.
March- we made it six months!! Woo!!
This month Grayson's little personality really started to develop, but I realized it was eerily similar to his fathers as I shared my realization that Dear Lord, he is his father's child.  It warmed up in March and we hit the road in flip flops to stroll the 'hood nearly every single day. It was glorious.  What wasn't so glorious? Surviving our first round of the fever- which made me wonder how I could go days in college with little to no sleep but now can no longer function.  Hello old age, nice to meet you.
In April I shared one of my all time fave recipes Cheese steak Pizza and hosted my very first giveaway from Fashion to Figure. I shared with you that if you rub eucalyptus oil on your tootsies and slap on some fuzzy socks and no more coughing fits!! Woo! Grayson got to meet the Easter Bunny, and didnt hate him nearly as much as he hated Santa Clause. We celebrated Grayson's first Easter complete with family, food, fun and a bunny on his bum- hes so going to hate me when hes older.
On May 1st  Grayson figured out how to crawl- and we knew then we were in trouble. It was an athletic month of sorts- I started and gave up on the Couch 2 5K program. My amazing hubs and his Momma ran the Pittsburgh Half Marathon while I ate some delish doughnuts from Peace, Love and Little Doughnuts. Grayson even started swim lessons and discovered his love for both the water and making kissy noises at his cute 16 year old instructor.  That month Grayson also decided that in order to get the ladies he had to give up his bink, and tossed it away cold turkey on his own which admittedly made Momma a little sad. 
June brought the end of the school year- wooo!! I was super excited to spend time with my little man and check things off of my summer bucket list. We visited the Aviary and the Children's Museum, both musts if you're in the Pittsburgh area with kiddos. Grayson also chose this month to udder his first word, Mama! You better bet your sweet bottom that I still remind Daddy to this very day that I was his first word, and as soon as we move to a house with a yard there will be a pony delivered for that sweet boy. We also got a few projects done around the house, like the amazing porch beautification care of Thompson's Water Seal!
In July we spent alot of our time in the swimming pool. Tips and Tricks July hit the blog, and was rewarded with so many sweet comments from all of you. I shared some more about me with the ABC's of Me. Because its never too early to start planning a good party, I shared my first birthday inspiration board for Grayson Boy's upcoming fete. I let you guys in on the secret that I am far too cheap to pay for it, so I clean my tile and grout myself with the help of my Bissle Carpet Cleaner. We took our first Family Road Trip to Tennessee, and I planned for our upcoming trip to Williams burg. I also shared recipes for Cookie Dough Dip, Crock Pot Mexican Chicken and Summer Pickles.   
In August I asked someone to bring me an adult beverage, because Grayson began to climb on every stinking thing he could get his hands on. At 11 months old I was convinced he was trying everything he could to not make it to his first birthday.  I shared some of the projects I was working on for the party that he was so desperately trying to avoid, like the high chair re-do and the fabric birthday banner. My deepest secrets (okay, not all of them) were revealed when I shared if you really knew me and I was thrilled to learn that I have other ketchup obsessed loves out there.  I also let the sarcastic comments fly in sometimes people can be so stupid, my answers to all of the dumb pregnancy/baby questions I had received over the past year.
September- my baby is a year old. How the HELL did that happen? I never shared a 12 month post, because honestly, I couldn't bring myself to write it. I cried like an insane person every time I tried. Its still sitting in my draft pile, and I promise to post it someday when I can get through the first paragraph without needing to use the booger sucker on myself. I went back to school, got a sweet new blog layout, Grayson started walking, we took one year pictures, and had one amazing party for my favorite little man.
In October I shared how I had the patience to sew 20 little super hero capes for Graysons party guests.  We went to the pumpkin patch with our playgroup friends and trick or treated at the zoo. Hubs and I celebrated two years of marriage and I shared with the world and my kiddo how I met his Daddy. 
I got around in November to posting about Grayson's first real Halloween  and how once he figured out that the strangers were giving out candy he was all into it. I talked about what it meant to me to be a boy momma then I lamented about how much I need a baby girl when I found Sweet Baby Jean Hair Accessories.  Grayson had his first haircut, where a few tears were shed by him and by me. To wrap up the month I shared the 30 things I am thankful for- friends, family, and of course all of you lovelies!
In December I kind of sucked at blogging. Sorry 'bout that. Christmas snuck up on me and school was ridiculously busy. We did all of our favorite traditions and I shared with you our hunt for the K family Christmas tree and a recap of Christmas 2012
Its been an amazing year- that's for sure! I cant believe all of the things that my kid learned to do, how hes grown and how hubs and I have grown and learned. Here's to bringing in 2013 in true old lady style- Ill be snug in my bed when the ball drops. In my defense we have a sick little bean and haven't had much sleep around these parts in a few nights.  Ill be back tomorrow to share my goals for 2013!
Be safe, my lovelies, and have a very Blessed and Happy New Year!

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