Sunday, April 21, 2013

Linking Up with The Sunday Social!

Im back on this wonderful Sunday Funday to link up with Neely and Ashley for the Sunday Social!

Sunday Social
1. What is your shopping weakness?
If I'm shopping for myself I love Ann Taylor Loft and New York and Company. Clothes that I can wear to work and get on the sale rack for reasonable prices- score!  Now, its rare that I even shop for myself. Usually if I see a SALE email pop up I'm going to spend my cash on the kid at either Gymboree, Children's Place, Old Navy or Carters.  He is most def the best dressed person in our house these days.  If we're not necessarily talking clothes but just shopping weaknesses I have to say its Target. Please tell me I'm not the only one who goes in for one thing and comes out with a cart full of things?! Its like they hypnotize you when you cruise the dollar spot or something...
2. What is your food weakness?
I'm a sucker for a good crispy french fry and some mac n cheese.
3. What is your go to movie to watch when nothing else is on?
Sweet Home Alabama. Pretty sure I play it in my head when I'm bored and I can't watch TV.
4. What is your go to breakfast food?
During the week, an Eggo and a can of Coca Cola. Don't judge.
On the weekends, Grayson and I usually split cereal or if I'm feeling really motivated Ill make us some pancakes to share.
5. Do you drink coffee, if so how do you take it?
I don't.  That's why I start my day with a can of the red caffeine.  My students can vouch for the fact that every day there is a can on my desk and I tell them frequently that's what keeps me sane.

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  1. Coke is my coffee too!! I like vanilla lattes but we can make them at home so coke it is!

    I agree target is hypnotizing!


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