Monday, May 27, 2013

Sandbox Fun!

Last year for Easter my Dad bought Grayson a sandbox.  But, after the disasterous beach trip where he discovered that he HATED sand- we didnt set it up.  This year, all we want to do is be outside so I decided that it wouldn't be a bad idea to give it a try. 
First- I cant believe how incredibly SMALL the darn thing is. What ever happened to calling up a friend and playing in the sandbox together? Not in this turtle, thats for sure. A few Ikea toys and the thing is full. 
To start we only put in one bag of sand, eventhough I bought three.  I considered this my Mommy's intuition that we should wait, and I was right. My kid's idea of playing in the sandbox was to take the sand out of the sandbox and "water" my hydrangea plants with it. The one plant I can keep alive, and hes trying to kill it on me.  Luckily, hes cute and catches onto things quick so the 'sand stays in the sandbox' mantra was only repeated three or four times before he got it.
On an un-related note, Grayson got a haircut the other day and it was possibly the worst thing I have ever paid for.  Seriously, this is what his hair looks like. I could have done better and I once gave myself a bald patch when I wanted bangs. Notice the spokes by his ears and the bald patch on his forehead?  The kid sat still, she was just that bad apparently. #neverevergoingbackthereagain.

I think we'll be spending lots of time outside this summer, which is good because Daddy just demolished the back yard to put up a swing set.  More on that to come!

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