Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Trucks and Pancakes make for an awesome Saturday

Last weekend was amazing in Grayson-land.  It was the annual Touch A Truck event sponsored by the Junior League on Saturday, and Grayson had a ball.
We kicked off the event by hitting up our favorite breakfast spot in the Strip- DeLuccas.  Chocolate chip pancakes, scrambled eggs and french toast made for one giddy baby tummy- even if the bacon was not up to his standards.
Not only did we drop it, but then we ran it over with Thomas. Because it was too crispy. I have a 20 month old food snob on my hands, apparently.
After his tummy was sufficiently full, we headed over to a parking lot of about 30 different trucks and diggers that kiddos were allowed to climb all over.
Loved, loved, loved the fire trucks.

Checking out the scoop on the digger

This picture melts my heart.

Big grins after blowing the horn on the Mack Truck

Blowing kisses

Seriously, this kid's day was made. 
If you have an event like this around you, I highly recommend going- its a cheap way to easily become favorite parent ever.

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