Tuesday, May 27, 2014

So this year the hubs ran the marathon, and I DIDNT eat doughnuts!

Really, that's a personal victory. Those little doughnuts are delicious!
This year the Pittsburgh Marathon had some pretty crappy weather. Usually we get up at the sheer butt crack of dawn to head down with Pappy to watch Daddy and Gigi run- but this year everyone was doing the relay. Meaning Grayson and I were on our own.  Now if you remember last years race as my husband was running across the 16th street bridge my adorable sweet boy was coming down with the stomach bug and vomiting everywhere.  It was a nightmare, to say the least.  I was not looking forward to being stuck downtown with a kid who could potentially repeat his stomach pyrotechnics from last year.  But, luckily for me, when we woke up it was 45 and raining...far too bad to take the two year old out in.  So Daddy went off and ran his leg, then came home to get us.  By noon when we were getting ready to watch my mother in law cross the finish line the rain was gone and it was in the mid 50's.  Not the best, but it's spring in Pittsburgh.  Since it was so late and the traffic in the city was crazy, it was too far to walk to get my doughnut.  So it was more a lack of willpower to walk nearly a mile to get a doughnut than me actually saying "No, I will not eat them!"
In all seriousness though lovelies,  the hubs did amazing.  On his leg of the race he averaged a 9:04 minute per mile.  Did I mention that he didn't train in order to be able to do that? Yeah, he's disgusting to say the least.  I'd be thrilled to be able to wake up and run six miles, period!
At the finish line with Daddy!

Team Why Not?!

Medal theif.
He said next year he "run fast wif Dad!"
Go for it buddy, Mommy will meet you at the finish line- doughnut in hand!

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  1. Sounds like fun! Congratulations on your Versatile Blogger Award!


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