Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Train Obsessed Toddler Heaven

We did it again, we took Grayson to see Thomas.
Toddler Mind, Blown.
This is our second year in a row trekking out to Ohio to ride on the Blue Choo Choo, and I will say that this year Grayson really understood what was going on a lot more.
What a difference a year makes...last year to this year he really has gotten so much bigger.

 Can I point out that Thomas the Train is pretty much a toddler addiction? Whenever his whistle would sound there were literally hundreds of kids screaming and yelling. It was almost like being at a Justin Timberlake concert for toddlers :)
At first he wasn't too sure- it might have been the 2 hour car nap fog had not worn off yet.

Once we got on the train however, he was much better.  Except when the train stopped- then he just kept saying Green Light Thomas, Go Fast!! Meanwhile Mommy gets motion sick like woah, and that stupid train goes backwards. See that smile on my face? That's really me attempting not to lose my Starbucks. The things we do for our kiddos, right?

Me gots a Thomas paper, Mommy!!

Overall it was a great day. If you have a train obsessed toddler in your ranks, I highly suggest Day Out with Thomas.  The train ride seems pricy at around $20 each, but all of the other activities are completely free.  The big arse Thomas balloon cost me $10, and approximately two minutes after tying it to my hand the top part let go and Thomas floated away.  Luckily they did give me a new one, since that was obviously not my error. Otherwise I would have shelled out another $10 because Grayson was already telling everyone who would listen that Mommy let his Thomas go up to the sky. He still looks up at the sky and asks where his Thomas balloon went. He's got the guilt game down, for sure.
Now he's asking for Gigi and Pap to take him to ride on Thomas, so we'll see if there are two train rides in our plans this summer!

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