Thursday, June 26, 2014

Flowers, Carousel Rides and a Balloon Ostrich

Otherwise known round these parts as Mothers Day 2014. Yes I know I'm behind, pretend its still May and I'm not completely off my rocker, kay?!
For Mothers Day my sweet boys decided to take me to Phipps Conservatory to look at some flowers, then we hit up Schenly Park for some carousel rides.
Grayson's favorite part? Phipps currently has choo-choo trains on display in every single room. My favorite part? Him in his fab sunnies- how stinking cute is he?!
Not only was he digging the trains, but also the live butterfly room. We are currently obsessed with all things bug- and this place didn't disappoint. They have an entire room filled with free flying butterflies. Grayson spent the twenty minutes we were in there yelling HERE BUTTERFLY! Hoping one would just land on him. When I asked what he wanted to do with a butterfly he told me hug him. Uh, can we get a mop for the puddle of Mom mush over here?
He loved the place- but hes a kid, and he needed to be outside. So off we headed to the park in search of the Carousel.  When we got there it was closed for lunch, so we let Grayson burn off some energy running around. Then it was time to ride some animals. 
After two rounds we topped the day off by visiting the balloon artist in the park.  As Grayson sat waiting for his turn watching the kids get dogs and cats made, Patrick asked him what he wanted. To which my child- who really didn't start "talking" until April- responded, "He make me an ostrich Daddy?" Well, sure buddy.  (I really need to do an update on our EI experience- since Grayson has officially graduated from Speech Therapy!)
He threw the balloon artist a loop, but as he said when a two year old asks for an ostrich, you make him an ostrich.  He asked him what color is the ostrich's body, feet, everything- and Grayson told him exactly how to make it.  What we ended up with lovelies, is Olive the Ostrich. Not too shabby.
It was a perfect Mothers Day, and I couldn't be more blessed to have these two amazing guys in my life.

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