Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Rainy Tuesday Randoms

I hope all of you lovelies had a wonderful Fourth of July!
We spent the weekend in the South with the in-laws and had a blast.  Of course the nine hour car trip is never my favorite. Esp with a two.five year old who tends to get bored pretty quick.

This time the hubs said that we were going to drive at night. Here was the plan. He would come home at 1PM, then nap. I would clean/get packed and wrangle the toddler. We would head out around 11, and my momma could drive the first leg. He would nap then drive the rest of the way.

Here's the reality.

Notice who is passed out and who isn't? You cant see my mom, she's behind me, also passed out.  This was around six AM and I was sitting at a red light (no driving and moving selfies, I promise!). What else can't you see? The big gulp of Coke and bag of twizzlers that I was using to keep myself awake. I stopped to get said treats and NO ONE ELSE IN THE CAR WOKE UP.
I guess they figure letting Mommy drive on maybe 2 hours of sleep was a smart plan?
Maybe because Mommies can function on zero sleep? 
All I know is it is fully documented that his promise of me not having to drive was a big fat fib. One that I fully used to my leverage when I wanted to go outlet shopping on the way home. It sounded like this "Were stopping at Pottery Barn Outlet, because I didn't kill us driving to your parents when you promised I wouldn't have to drive."
He didn't argue. Not that he would have anyway- but I'm pretty sure the "Hey Gymboree is having a Sale, you go in and look!" was him making up for my lack of sleep.
Anywho, Ill be back to post more pictures from our travels to Gigi and Pap's. Weekends there are always so fun filled- because we don't get to see them as much as we like they tend to keep the fun coming. They also do bath/bedtime, so as far as I'm concerned they can pack as much as they want into the day- because once bedtime hits this Momma gets to watch food network and pass out. Its the little things in life.
So what else is going on around these parts?
Well, I started participating in the Blog Hoppin Scavenger Hunt. So if you follow me on Instagram you'll see my posts and find lots of people posting with the hashtag #bloghoppin2014. Its pretty awesome, with over 200 items to find, and you only need 105 to qualify for some great prizes. So sorry in advance for the picture overload. I'm also competitive, so I'm already trying to figure out how many of these I can get. If you want to join in, head on over to this post on Blog Hoppin and check it out!
It's also raining hardcore here today. Like tornado warnings and thunderstorm watches. It was raining so hard that I couldn't see the street from my house, and its really like 20 feet away. The best part? I got to call hubs and say our pantry roof sprung a leak. Woo hoo for coming off that vacay high quick, huh? Im spending today laundry-ing, cleaning and putting away everything from our trip. All the while hoping that the power won't go out or we get to have a Wizard of Oz moment. It might be my favorite movie, but unless the munchkins want to come and do some cleaning/organizing around this place they can stay in Oz. Also, explaining to the two year old why we cant just turn the lights back on so he can watch Zerby Derby is not something I want to do today.  I need that Zerby time to get dinner made!
Alright, Im off to get all the pictures from our weekend off of the good camera and log a few more entries in the scavenger hunt. And if anyone is still reading my random brain dump, thanks! I love you to bits for sticking with me!

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  1. So we don't normally drive at night because lets face it your body just wants to shut down and sleep, right? Well, we decided to drive at night when we went to Las Vegas, NV (from TX). It was so nice the kids slept for most of the ride.

    I am the car packer and the hubs is the driver. Usually what happens I get 2 hours, he gets a full night sleep and then will ask me to driver and hour in because he is too tired. So glad you made it and got to go shopping!!!


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