Friday, July 18, 2014

Friday Phone Dump

Okay, don't laugh at me (outloud) but I can not connect my phone to blogger.  They don't connect. Im also technology stupid and was telling my amazing neighbor that I wanted to get an external hard drive to save my pictures and videos to, because my phone was just about full and I can't bear to delete pictures of Grayson.  She looked at me and asked why I didnt just save them to my computer.
Shut the front door- whaaaa? You can DO that? HOW?!
After she so sweetly explained that I could use my charger cord (cause I legit thought I needed to buy a new one) I ran inside to save my pictures.
Oh technology how dumb you make me feel sometimes.
BUT- I can finally share some video and pictures with all of you loveleies. That I've only been trying to do for like a year and a half.  Yeah, Im pathetic and okay with it.

Cheeze-Its at the Home Depot...for when Daddy takes us there for hours on end!

All three K babies. Kaos, Gizmo and Grayson. Naps like this are common.
Two handsome guys.

Family Selfie
Taken off of the Ocracoke Island Ferry. Love OBX.

Ice cream in Erie.

Pensive thoughts while on the iPad

Leaf fun
Kaos sometimes uses Grayson as a pillow.

Carpet testing at Home Depot

and sometimes Grayson uses Kaos as a pillow. Its mutual love.

Wearing Daddys hat

First black eye. "Ice make it feel better Mommy?"

Lets go Mom!

Mothers Day 2014

Yard work is hard

Best shirt ever.

Going camping. He was WAY more excited than I was.

Looking EXACTLY like his Daddy.

A trip to the firehouse pop machine

Working out

At the Aviary watching birdies

Mommy the couch eat me!

My bed hogs in all their glory.
I think the craziest thing is to look back at how much Grayson has changed and grown over the past year.
So now that I've figured out how to upload photos from my phone, who can tell me how to put the breaks on your baby growing up!?

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  1. That flexing shirt is the best shirt ever! Love it!!



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