Monday, September 29, 2014

Fathers Day Fun? Well, sort of!

**First let me start by saying if you are blogging about a June holiday in almost October, its official that you suck at life. I know this, Im just ignoring it and pretending that I don't suck as much as I officially know I do!**

This year for Fathers Day I did something I never thought I would ever do.
I went camping.
Goodness, I must love that man.
Cause the truth is? I don't camp. I'm not a girl to be at one with nature. Walking from the campsite to the bathroom, cooking your food over an open flame, sleeping in the dirt with the bugs and the creepy crawlies- its just not my thing. Id much rather stay at a nice hotel with indoor plumbing and room service. 
The hubs has been asking me to go camping for years. He spent time his senior year of high school backpacking along the Appalachian Trail and his dream is to take me back there one day.  I don't know if he forgets that he married a girl who doesn't camp, or he thinks he can wear me down one day and Ill give in and just LOVE it so much. Either way, he's fully crazy if he ever thinks I will not only sleep in the dirt but carry everything for a week on my back to sleep in the dirt.
 But for Fathers Day this year, I did decide I would take him camping for one night. In a cabin because that was adventurous as I was willing to be. I saw a list of great Pittsburgh camp sites on a local blog and decided this would be a great idea because I knew he'd love it.
Now of course I decided this the Thursday before Fathers Day, so I set out calling different camp grounds to see if anyone had a cabin available. After six different "no, sorry!  were booked" and one lady who laughed when I asked I was starting to get discouraged. Then I called the second to last place on the list, and they said they had two available. Maybe this should have been a sign since every place else was booked solid, but I eagerly said we'd take one and be there on Saturday.
So Saturday morning hubs woke up to two presents. I made a canvas out of the questions I had asked Grayson about his Daddy, and an envelope with the cabin reservation.
Now while I think that he loved the canvas, he really was too excited getting all of his gear together so we could head off for the weekend.  He did eventually hang the canvas after we got back, because its really funny to read the two year old answers to interview questions.
Once the gear was packed and loaded into the car, it was time to hit the road. PS- It was also only 9:45 AM which means you know hubs was super excited. He's not a morning person, so to dive out of bed at 6:30 AM and not try to get an extra nap in is very unusual.

Grayson even had a special shirt for the day.

Our camp for the night. Complete with two queen sized bunk beds, electricity and a table and chairs. It was super cute, even if I could totally see through the cracks in the boards.

Our cabin came with a fire ring, which was super cute.

They also boasted an Olympic sized swimming pool. Now they had a very nice pool, but I don't think they've ever watched they Olympics cause Michael Phelps could swim across it in two strokes.

Exploring the campground.

Choosing his bed for the evening.

Playing some play dough on the picnic table while Daddy made him some Mac N Cheese.

Sailing cars off of the porch was also fun.

We tried S'Mores, but all he wanted was the marshmellows.

Me like eating outside!

After dinner and s'mores and catching lightning bugs, it was time for bed.
 Now is when the downward spiral started. The temperature started dropping, it was around 55 degrees. The forecast said it was going down to about 45. Womp Womp. Remember when I mentioned that you could see the outside inside the cabin? Yeah, it got pretty chilly. Also, Grayson decided that he didn't like the air mattress because it was too noisy and pretty much begged to go home to his bed. Then the real noise started. The camp was home to a lot of oil field workers with their big diesel trucks, who all came off shift at 11 PM or started at 7 AM. Did I mention the cabin was right by the road? From 11:30-1 and from 4:30-6:30 all I heard was the growl of a diesel engine. Couple that with sleeping three in a queen sized bed and being cold? It wasn't the most stellar night sleep for any of us. 
As soon as he woke up around 8:30 Grayson asked to be put in his car seat and told us he would give us ten minutes to pack the car so he could go home to take a nap.
So not an epic fail, but no epic success either.
It was a really fun time (besides the sleeping thing).  The jury is still out on if I like camping. I think next time I'll let hubs choose a camp site and we'll go with friends when its warmer. That might make me like it.  Maybe.
Happy Fathers Day, Hubs! I would only sleep outside for you and I may very well never do it again, but I do love you to bits!

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