Saturday, September 27, 2014

Hello Old Friends!

Its been far too long since Ive been at this space sharing my thoughts. I just checked the last time I blogged was July. WTH?! Two months?! That's shameful.
I have so much to share, so many changes, so many crazy things have happened. We went to the beach, I started back to school, we potty trained a toddler, that toddler started preschool, and he turned three.  All of these things need documented, and as I sit here at 7:00 AM in the dark and quiet of my living room I plan to write until the crazy wakes up and surrounds me in another day of love and fun.

PS- The reason I have not blogged is NOT because I am pregnant like a few sweet people have asked about. The belly in the above photo is a doughnut baby, not a real baby. I promise!

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