Friday, October 28, 2011

Fall Failure

I had plans, lovelies. 
 I wanted to be that Mommy who decorated for every holiday and came up with all of these traditions for Grayson Boy. 

So far, I have a pumpkin (uncarved, that's our Saturday Morning task) on my porch, three fake fall-ish colored flowers on the steps (I cant keep a real plant alive to save my soul) and two scare crows on either side of the steps to the porch.

Inside I have fall leaf place mats, and a haunted house candle holder on my kitchen table.

That's all.

Epic decorating failure.

Maybe this weekend when the hubs is home to help with the Bean Ill break out some of our other stuff, but its all the way on the third it's a bit unlikely.

Here's hoping I get my act together before Thanksgiving, cause we respect the Turkey in this house.

We did take Grayson to his first visit to the pumpkin patch, so I guess I'm not failing on the tradition part.  Its give and take with a newborn and right now sleep > digging out decorations!

We took our first trip to Sorgel's Orchard when Aunt Christine and Uncle Zach came to visit.

The 30 pound pumpkin Daddy picked out...he wanted one big enough to put Grayson inside.

"Ma! Quit with the pictures! Im trying to enjoy my nap on the hayride!"

There were so many fun things for kids to do there, I can't wait till he's bigger next year and is hopefully awake for at least part of the outing...cause he was def passed out the whole time we were there this year!


  1. Grayson is absolutely adorable! Just wait until he's walking, you won't be able to catch him once he sees all the pumpkins in the patch. My little guy went nuts when he saw them all and kept yelling ball trying to pick them up and throw them.

    I'm a new follower from the hop!

  2. What a fun post.. Awesome Family.. I found you via Trendy Tree House... Officially following ya with smiles.. Hope you can stop in and visit me sometime.. Great blog you have here.. So much creativity.. I'm Marilyn via TY

  3. Maybe "traditons" are not going as you had originally planned but look at the great photos you have. :) I love that huge pumpkin!


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