Saturday, October 22, 2011

Month One Must-Haves

I may not be an expert at being a Mommy, but I know what my kid likes. I've seen other bloggers review and recommend the products that their little nuggets love; and I got a bunch of helpful advice from them and learned about alot of products I had not heard about before. So in hopes of helping someone else with our successes and failures, here it goes.

I'm not breast feeding, but the boppy was one of the best things we bought. Grayson boy loves to be snuggled, and I can lay him in this and lift the ends up to wrap around his legs and he thinks hes being snuggled. Plus, when his stomach is upset we can lay him on his tummy on it and he loves it.

S1 by Safety 1st Satellite Premier Play yard

I love all of the storage available with this pack n play, it gives you a place to put diapers, wipes, burp cloths, blankets...anything you may need in the course of your day. We live in a two story house, and its so nice to not have to go up and down the stairs each time G-man needs a diaper change or needs a blanket or a burp cloth. Plus it has a hamper which is great to keep dirty things in one place and off of the floor.
Gumdrops Pacifier

We love the binky- this is the one they gave him in the hospital and I'm so glad you can buy them at the store. It has a great cut out so they don't push up on his little nose, and he loves when you put your finger in the hole and he can gum down on it.
Dr Brown's Bottles

Love, love, love these bottles. We started out using Tommy Tippee, but he was sucking so hard he was collapsing the nipple and sucking in so.much.air. Seriously the kid was a gas bubble waiting to explode out of both ends. We tried Advent, and they worked better- but we still had to fight him for a burp. My mom bought one of these on a target trip, and we tried it. You didn't even have to pat his back to get him to burp, just sit him upright and out it came. So great if you have a fussy little one who's gassy.
Fisher Price Travel Swing

We received the Mamaroo as a gift for our baby shower...and I adored it. Its adorable, super soft, makes a bunch of different motions, and it plays my ipod as well as other sounds. Its also expensive- $239 expensive.

Well, I loved it- Grayson wasn't crazy about it at all. It didn't go fast enough, and he got annoyed with it fairly quickly. He went to his friend Marley's house and she had this little swing; so I decided to give it a try. He LOVED it and passed right out. So off we went to babies r us to get this $70 swing. Hopefully he'll learn to also love the Mamaroo, because otherwise that was a terrible waste of money. It just goes to show you that sometimes its not the new fancy things that kids like the best.
The Baby K'tan

The bean LOVES to be snuggled, and this makes my life so much easier. During the day I can just put this on, stick him in, and hes a happy camper. You can wear it 8 different ways (it can even accommodate twins), and it doesn't hurt your back at all. The best part is once hes secure, you have two free hands to do crazy things like dishes, typing on the computer, brushing you hair, even laundry if you re feeling really wild. I also like to use this when we're out shopping, its much easier to navigate through the store without the stroller/car seat. Once they're in they feel so secure, you don't worry about them falling out. Its also super easy to figure out how to wear, unlike the Moby wrap which I couldn't figure out to save my soul.
Gripe Water

If you don't know what Gripe Water is, you're missing out. Its amazing. Grayson was recently diagnosed with acid reflux and this stuff cures his hiccups almost instantly. Its amazing for upset tummies, and I would buy this in bulk if I could. Everyone I know who has used it has said it is invaluable. It even helps babies with colic, and not much soothes them. If you haven't tried it, trust me, its wonderful.

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