Thursday, October 4, 2012

Link up and Love The Total Home Makeover- With a Giveaway!

Meet Renee.  If you could go on a journey, leave chaos and transform yourself, your family and your home to arrive at order in just 20 days, Would You?  You bet!  That's the idea behind my book, Total Home Makeover.  When I first became a full-time home manager, I felt "lost" with those 24 hours of unstructured time.  I was a re-active home manager {re-act to this mess and re-act to that mess}.  Meanwhile, I watched others manage their homes with less effort and asked, "What am I missing?"  So, I began to research smarter ways to manage a home and found there really are secrets to the trade.  I realized that home management isn't a solo career.  In order to get my home into auto-pilot mode, I knew I needed to get all three actors (myself, my family and my home) in my boat and rowing toward order for a "Total" Home Makeover.  Then, in 2009, God showed up and started cleaning out my spirit from clutter and lies.  Epiphany:  God wasn't just an "idea or a belief", but a God who shows up, speaks and loves.  Total Home Makeover is a 20 Day Plan to Renew Your Space & Spirit, and my prayer is that God's love and presence will fill your home and sweep our nation clean.  Learn more about Renee>

The Book.  What is Total Home Makeover?  It's a 20 day plan to renew your space and spirit.  Home management expert, Renee Metzler, will teach you smarter ways to manage your home.  In this book, you will journey through three phases:

   1. Transform Yourself {daily & weekly routines},
   2. Transform Your Family {coaching, chores, tracking & rewards},
   3. Transform Your Home {room design, activity zones & organization}.

Plus, stay motivated with a daily renewal {prayer, Bible verse, journal}, a weekly reward, stories, joy tools, interactive worksheets, on-line support, and freebies.  Grab a friend, grab a book, and GET STARTED WITH 3 SIMPLE STEPS>

USA Book Tour:  Total Home Makeover has a goal to sweep the nation clean and that's why we are going on a USA Book Tour {October Stop is Pennsylvania}.  We want to help you kick chaos out the door.  Here's what you'll get each week {or each state stop}:
  1. Where's Renee's {Speaking Schedule}*
  2. Book Give-away {Enter to win below}.
  3. Top Ten Household Tips by Featured Bloggers
  4. Makeover Mondays Link-Up {A place for bloggers to link up the Total Home Makeover journey or home organization tips and tutorials.}
Where's Renee?  Pennsylvania.  I'll be hanging out in my home state for the month of October, partially because I'm finishing up a "Loved to Life" class in Harrisburg. I'll be at Barnes & Nobles, Mainstreet, Lewisburg, Pa on October 5, 2012 from 6:30 - 8:00 pm.  I hope you'll come out and say hello; I'd love to meet you!  My next projected stop?  New York in October*.  SCHEDULE RENEE TO SPEAK or VIEW RENEE'S COMPLETE SCHEDULE>
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Top Ten Household Tips by Featured Bloggers
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  1. Hi Bethany,

    Thanks so much for being a part of this Book Tour. I loved your "Letter Art" and thought it would be so cool to letter art our family mission statement. It's on my mental to-do list!

  2. Love the letter art. I have incorporated most of the other tips, but I have been wanting this same type of letter art for family gift ideas, without going over our holiday budget. THANK YOU!


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