Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Zoo Boo- Trick or Treating at the Zoo!

Before I had a kiddo I did not know things of this awesome-ness existed. Sunday the weather was insanely perfect, and we (along with what seemed was every other family in the Greater Pittsburgh Area with children under 10) headed off to the Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium all decked out in our Halloween finest.
I may be biased- but that is the cutest damn dragon Ive ever seen. The costume was a gift from my grandpap and his wife, and he was so thrilled when I said that we would wear it on him for Halloween this year.

We met our friend Marley- who made a really cute monkey.
I die.

The last time we were at the Zoo Grayson wasn't really into the animals, this time he was all about them.

Fishies in the Elephant pond.

Watching the monkeys (excuse my double chin-eek!).
All in all it was a really fun day, and we came home with tons of treats. When we tried to take off the Halloween costume we had an absolute meltdown, so Id say it was a success.  We definitely have a little boy who is developing a love for the Halloween holiday- its a good thing we'll wear that costume three more times!

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  1. Oh man talk about cuteness overload!

    So cute he didn't want to take it off! My 4 year old wants to wear his costume every day hahaha.


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