Monday, October 1, 2012

Super Hero Cape Tutorial

I can not sew, but for the sake of Grayson's birthday I learned.  Let me tell you that if I can make these capes, then so can you.
You need:  1 yard of fabric (I used flannel and got two capes per yard)
1 piece of white or black felt
1 5x5 square of coordinating color fabric
1.5 feet of ribbon
First, fold the yard of fabric in half length wise. Cut it, then refold it in half again length wise.
Using a piece of chalk measure out from the fold 7 inches.
Then two inches down.
Then three inches in.
Once you have the neck of the cape marked off, draw outward toward the edge of the cape to create the shape. How far down you go depends on how tall the kiddo is. This one was for a pretty tall 5 year old, so I went down 30 inches.
Then, cut it all out.
To make the circle I used a 9 inch pie plate and traced a circle and then cut it out.
To create the letter, I used word to make a template of the first letter of the kiddos name. Then I cut out the template and reversed it on the fabric. I traced and cut it out, so that the lines from my tracing would be on the back.
Please forgive that I have 15 different pictures of the steps- I made all of the capes in a big batch and didnt always take the picture on the same cape. Oops.
Anywho, pin your letter to your felt circle and sew it on using a zig zag stitch set on 3.
Once thats attached, its time to attach it to the cape itself and sew it on with the same zig zag stitch.
Take the 1.5-2 feet of ribbon and fold it in half. Place that in the 2 inches of fabric at the neck. Fold it over and pin it in place. Sew it in a straight line to secure the ribbon and voila. You're done!
Each cape takes around 15 minutes to make from start to finish, but the kiddos loved them so much it was well worth it!


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  1. Getting ready for my son's birthday party and he's obsessed with super heroes at the moment. I was going to pay someone to make 11 capes for me...but you've inspired me to make them myself. Wish me luck :) Thanks


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