Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Dear Polar Vortex- Suck it.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not one of those girls who whines all winter long. I live in Pittsburgh, I know its going to get cold. I expect it even. But seriously, the cold we have been experiencing is just beyond ridiculous. 
Wind chills in the -20's? Lows of -7 and highs of 9? When the eff did I move to Canada?!
Today we had a two hour delay- no idea why, it was colder at 9 than it was at 7.  But the reality is, we cant keep closing school because the way its looking we wouldn't see the kiddos until June. I just wish it was socially and professionally acceptable to come to work dressed in a snowsuit with fuzzy slippers and sweats underneath.  Nice dress pants and sub zero temps don't mix.
On the upside I am getting to enjoy the Christmas present that my Dad bought me. I asked him for slippers and he bought me these bad boys.
 These gems are called Hot Booties. You pop them into the microwave and the beads/rice/magic inside warms up. Then onto your frozen cold toes they go, and as ridiculous and goofy as they look I do not care.  My feet, which haven't been really warm in two weeks, are toasty and happy. They're not really the easiest things to walk in, but to snuggle under my blankets they are perfect.  My only wish is that I could find a full out body suit that I can microwave and keep warm in. If any of you lovelies know where to find that, please let me know!
Stay warm friends!

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  1. Hey girl...Kirsten here. I agree that this weather is ridiculous - we had a valve burst in the basement. It was raining in my house!!! Luckily nothing got wet but some empty boxes. I can't wait until it is warm enough to take the boys for a walk.


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