Thursday, January 2, 2014

Mother's Therapy Organics Review and Giveaway!!

Its that time of year- time for colds, flus, viruses and all of those other nasty little germs that people pass from person to person.
I'm not kidding when I tell you, I buy my weight in hand sanitizer (currently on my third gallon sized jug from Costco) each season because I don't want to bring home a nasty germ to my little guy or the hubs. Well that, and I don't want it myself. Those kids come to school SICK, and I have been known to Lysol a desk or two in my day...sometimes even when the kid is still in it. Some say I'm paranoid, I say I'm not sneezing and coughing so I'm okay with it.
As a biology teacher, I teach the kids about chemicals and their effects on people- and it never fails that one of them always asks if hand sanitizer is good or bad for us because of all of the chemicals in it. Knowing that I teach them well, I do try to look for natural organic sanitizers- but in reality the ones I've found all left a greasy feeling on my hands and smelled, well, bad.  Either that or they dry my skin out so bad I'm itchy for days. Not good at all.
So when Mothers Therapy Organics contacted me and asked if I would be interested in trying out their organic and natural line of sanitizers and baby lotions, I was very interested, but still skeptical. 
The box arrived and the first thing I noticed was that this stuff smelled GOOD. Like cucumbers with a hint of lemon, good. It didn't burn my nose with the overwhelming smell of alcohol or perfume. It just had a nice clean scent. The baby lotion also had a very faint cucumber smell, but I could also smell lavender which I loved. 
When I tried out the sanitizer, I noticed that it didn't take any longer to "dry" or absorb than normal hand sanitizer, and it didn't feel greasy at all.  Once it was all in, my hands didn't burn or feel gross- so I was pretty excited. Maybe this would be different. I checked out the ingredients next, and there was only one ingredient that a didn't know what it was. A quick Google, and I was thrilled to realize it was an ingredient in cosmetics that had no risk of cancer and it wasn't classified as expected to be toxic or harmful.
Score another one for the sanitizer.
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Well, that was the claim- but after a few days of use I was sure that I would find out that it wasn't the case.  Now let me explain, I have ridiculous dry skin. Like need a prescription lotion if I want to shave in the winter, dry.  So usually my hands are all red and chapped most of the winter from sanitizing/washing.  However, after using the sanitizer and the sanitizing lotion for about a week continuously I realized- my hands were not red, not chapped, and were actually SOFT.
It was official, I loved it.
Now would be the real test. I passed my super sensitive/dry skin on to the toddler. So I was really curious to see if the Mothers Therapy Organics Baby Lotion would keep his skin soft and rash free. We have to religiously lather him up with lotion twice a day to keep him from getting dry and itchy, and I was so glad that this lotion seemed much less greasy than our regular lotion. Since his skin is so crazy sensitive we usually buy non scented stuff, and after one application Grayson was sniffing it saying "Mmmm!". I think he liked the scent as much as we did! So what were the results?  After about a week, my kid was asking for the lotion to rub on himself.  He puts it on his little hands and tells us "Ahhh", which I can only take as a resounding 'I love this stuff'. His skin seems less dry, and after rubbing it all in his jammies go on a lot easier because it actually absorbs into his skin unlike other lotions. 
If that's not enough to convince you, there's also the fact that my husband claims we will not be using any other baby lotion in this house. He hates the lotion stage of the bedtime routine, and always has to wash it off of his hands.  Since we switched, he hasn't wanted to wash the "gunk" off once- which is huge.
The wonderful ladies at Mothers Therapy Organics have a pledge to provide parents with healthy options for their children, and this women-run company certainly hit the mark with these products. Not only do they happily donate product to non-profit organizations to bring their products to everyone who wants to try them, but they have also graciously allowed me to give away a Family Pack of Hand Sanitizers- which has a $30 value!
All you have to do is use the Rafflecopter to enter, and give these awesome products a try!

Disclaimer- I was gifted a product to review, but as always all opinions are my own!!

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  1. I would like to try the germ-fighting hand lotion, thank you for the giveaway

  2. I want to try the baby lotion. My son is allergic to so many things and his skin is so dry...would love to try some of these products

  3. the Germ-Fighting Hand Lotion would help me a lot. normal hand sanitizers can be so drying!


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