Saturday, February 25, 2012

Month Five Must Haves

This month it was all about the teeth, so its no surprise that a few teethers made the list this month. But there were a few other things Grayson has decided he needs in his life, so lets get on with it.

Tommee Tippee Stage 1 Chewther

PERFECT for the little one who wants to bite down on something to soothe those sore gums, it fits in like a binky, but has almost like a mouth guard of super soft material that baby can num num num on. It also helps strengthen and develop muscles in the mouth, promoting speech development and helping babies to get ready for solid foods.

The MAM Bite and Brush Teether with Soft Bristles

This is a combo teether/toothbrush that little man can hold on his own and bite away on.  Its super soft and easy for them to grab on you dont have to worry about them sticking the toothbrush too far in the back of their mouths.  We give Grayson his when we're brushing our teeth so he can "brush" with us, but we've also been known to chew on this sucker

With the start of solids came a few instances of red bumps on the bum.  Instead of using a diaper rash cream, I reach for this stick made from beeswax and its the best stuff ever.  We've never put it on a red bump that wasn't gone (or at least not red anymore) by the next diaper change.  It comes out like a deodorant stick, so you just twist it up and rub all over his bum and it doesn't get on your fingers. Plus, it smells fantastic.  We have one for the bum and one for other rashes, and in each case it works like a charm.  Easily one of my favorite baby products of all time, and its organic to boot!

A place to hold a wiggly baby while he attempts to eat, we attempt to eat or Im cleaning/cooking- this is a no brainer.  This chair was super easy to put together, and its really cushy and comfy.  It has a huge tray for toys to keep him entertained while Im working, and the tray top snaps off for easy cleaning.  Its also raises up and down for various table heights and leans back for when he passes out after eating too much.

This super fuzzy, cozy play mat is our current favorite place to have tummy time. We put down a few toys and hes good to go. Grayson loves feeling the soft fur, and he cuddles into it and its just the most adorable thing. On more than one occasion we have gone from play time to nap time super fast- because he passes out on the thing. Plus, come on, its cute as can be.

Super soft, super cuddly and super warm.  Grayson was never a swaddle baby, but he loves to snuggle so he loves getting all wrapped up in this blanket for cuddle and story time with Momma. I usually put it in his stroller, and its amazing how many people tell us how cute he is in his puppy blankie.

Ok, this is a Mommy fave for sure. Its a nice thick pad that you put over the hard plastic of the infant car seat and it makes it so much easier to hang off of your arm. It also comes in tons of super cute patterns and styles, and is reversible, so you get two designs in one. There is also a space to hang a two car seat toys off of, and the super velcro makes sure it doesn't fall off easily. The heavier he gets, the more thankful I am for this thing,  I LOVE it.

Thats all for this month- if you missed months 1-4, check them out here!!


  1. Hi! Found you from Super Stalker Sunday. Your blog is delightful! I'm really interested in the GroVia stick you mention here. Do you cloth diaper? If so, are you able to use the GroVia stick without using a disposable liner on the cloth diaper? I know most diaper rash stuff can ruin cloth diapers but since GroVia makes cloth diapers I thought maybe this one would be different. My babe is only 6 wks old and no diaper rashes yet but I'm sure eventually we'll stumble into one. :)

    1. Yes, the Grovia stick is cloth diaper safe! although our favorite cloth diaper friendly rash cream is coconut oil- you can buy jars of it in the cooking section usually of higher end/natural grocery stores. We scoop it into small tupperware containers and throw it in the diaper bag, in his room, at the changing table- it is awesome stuff!

  2. Hi there! I actually found your blog through a chain of events that started on Pinterest when one of my girlfriends pinned all your great tips! I then managed to come across this posting and it sounds like your little man is starting the teething process! I actually own a company called ViaValeron and we specialize in Baltic Amber Teething Necklaces (among other things). I'm curious to see if you'd ever thought about trying one out for your little guy. If you'd be interested in doing a review for us, please email me at and let me know. You can find out more information at or find us on Facebook at We will continue to keep watching your blog for more great tips and info! Thank you! :)

  3. those teethers are the absoulte BEST. LOVE LOVE them. And whoa, I need the arm pad thing for #2 (if they come small enough to fit in a carrier!!)


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