Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My Little Valentine

Valentines Day has always been pretty low key in our house.  Im not about to go wait an hour for a table at a resturaunt that you can normally walk right into, and it drives me bonkers the way they mark up flowers for the day so I always tell the hubs to skip 'em.  Its not that Im Anti-Valentines Day, I actually love the holiday, Im just not a fan of the hoopla.

We usually do homemade presents, and the hubs makes me dinner.  This year Grayson boy helped Daddy make me some brownies, and they made me a card with his little hand and footprints on it. We had homeade Chicken Parm and sweet tea (a little secret, the hubs makes the BEST sweet tea ever, Micky D's pales in comparison). 

Best of all I got lots of baby smiles and giggles, which made this Valentines Day the best one yet.

LOVE this face. haha.

Sorry Hubs, but you've got some stiff competition for my cutest Valentine...and that kid most def has my chubby cheeks. Love <3


  1. Your little monster is very cute. We did nothing for Vday this year.. I dont really care about the holiday actually!

    stopping/following from the stalker hop!

  2. i love this, so cute!!!
    linking up and following you from the blog hop via GFC, couldn't find your twitter button?(@peasblog) would love a follow back!


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