Saturday, September 29, 2012

A Super (Why) First Birthday Party!

This past weekend we celebrated Grayson's First Birthday. It was a cool day, but the weather cooperated and the rain held off until we got everything packed into the car to come home. I shared with you all my inspiration board a few months back (see it here) and I'm excited to say that my vision actually did come together nicely! Grayson is obsessed with the cartoon Super Why, so that was the overall theme. We rented a local park with an amazing playground and had wayyy too much food. It was an awesome celebration for our little guy, and we're so thankful to everyone who made it out!
Our Invite- made by the amazing Rachael over at La Petite Giraffe. She did an amazing job and was so easy to work with- I had the finished proof within 48 hours of placing my order, and thats even after I asked her to make changes and added a custom item. Check her out on Etsy and see what she has to offer!
I made this banner to hang over his high chair- I wanted a nice back drop for all of those smash cake pictures!

My insanely talented friend Julie made Grayon's cake and his smash cake. How cute is it that she made him the book club as his smash cake and its all 100% edible. I made the cupcake toppers to put on some cupcakes we got from Sams Club. They were really easy and took almost no time at all to create.
I made these little capes for all of the kids to go in their treat bags, but I tied Graysons to his blue high chair to give it a little pizazz. Go here for the cape tutorial and here to see how I took a cheap high chair to this blue beauty!
My other crazy project was paining the cast of characters on Luan board and having hubs cut them out. We wanted the kids to be able to have their pictures taken with them, and they were a huge hit. All total they took about 5 hours to make, go HERE for the tutorial on how I made them.
The kids went nuts for them, so it was time well spent!
Settling our debate the old fashioned way- ps, I totally kicked hubs ass in this poll. Hes still bitter.
Singing Happy Birthday

Nom Nom Nom
The aftermath- he did pretty darn good!

Trying for a group picture
This is about as good as it was going to get. Trying to get 12 little ones to sit still after sugaring them up with cake wasnt happening.

Grayson and Aunt Ashley

Opening presents - this was when he was actually into it. After awhile the sugar wore off and he opened the rest like this.

Happy Birthday Grayson Boy- Daddy and I love you so much!!


  1. How adorable! You did a great job! The cutouts are amazing, well done. Happy birthday little dude!

  2. Those cut-outs would surely be enjoyed by the kids as it would be great for a photo-op! Happy Birthday Grayson!

  3. I really REALLY want to to the cutouts for my son's first birthday too! Could you possibly provide instructions?! I have never done anything like this before! I am trying to find similar instructions online and found one nativity scene but this is gluing paper cutouts onto board. I don't think that's the route you went.

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  5. This party looks amazing! I too would love instructions for the cut outs. My sons birthday is in a few weeks and this would be perfect.

  6. You asked, and I deliver! Here is the link to the directions for the DIY Cutouts!

  7. Would u be willing to sell the superwhy cutouts im lookin for sons forst birthday

  8. Would u be willing to sell the superwhy cutouts im lookin for sons forst birthday

  9. hi. would it possible for you to do a tutorial on the photo cupcake toppers?

  10. hi. would it possible for you to do a tutorial on the photo cupcake toppers?


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