Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A Boy Momma

A few months ago I had a conversation with my 12 year old sweet baby cousin when they came to visit. He told me that he was really glad I had a boy, because that's what he wished I would have.   
When I first found out I was pregnant I wished wished wished for a baby girl. I had her name picked out (still do, and if the next kiddo is a boy I may stick him with it on principle), her room was planned (it was white, pink and shabby chic to the core), and I was already buying dresses online. Then I had my ultrasound and the lady gleefully announced "We have out door pluming!"
What the heck was I going to do with a boy? 
I was going to understand how to play trucks, blocks, and ball. I was going to be outnumbered when it comes to watching Sports Center on TV. I was going to learn how to aim that little weenie down into the diaper, and to change him at lightning speeds when it is cold out. I was going to see the fun in playing in a bucket of nails, hammering a piece of wood, and digging in the dirt.  I was going to see the fun in buying boy clothes and dressing him like a little man from his hat down to his sneakers.
I really hope that someday I get to be a girl Momma...but right now I'm totally okay with the trucks, balls and trains.  Im a Boy Momma, and I'm proud of it.
 I remember when this chucklehead was the same size as Grayson- how is it possible that hes this big already?!


  1. Oh that is so sweet what he said to you. I am sure you will get to be a girl mamma too someday. Have a good one :-)

  2. Awe this is such a sweet post. I'll be the mom of two boys come winter and IA it does take a special kind of mom to be a boy mom. :)

  3. Love this - I felt the same way!


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