Tuesday, November 27, 2012

First Haircut!

A few weeks ago Hubs started mentioning he wanted to get Grayson's hair cut.  Now, the kid doesn't have gobs of hair, but he was starting to get a little baby mullet. I was apprehensive though, because I didn't want him to be grown up quite yet. Eventually I caved and off we went to Little Snips for our first baby trim (seriously, they couldn't even give me a lock of hair, it was more like little wisps).
All ready to go in the police car- they also had a tractor, plane, taxi and something else I cant remember.

Before- The baby mullet

The lip. We were not too sure of this lady.

Attempting to free himself.

Thumbs Up- I found toys, I'm cool now Mom! Once he realized there were toys in the little car he was content to sit there and let her cut his hair.

After- the mohawk is back in full force.
Cant believe this kid is growing so fast- it breaks my heart!


  1. aawwwe how adorable! I hated cutting my kiddo's hair but I love it now!

  2. Aww… he looks so cute with his new hair cut! It’s nice that the barber styled up his hair a bit. He looks so grown up! It’s great that he did not cry while the barber was cutting his hair. Looks like he enjoyed riding the police car! Good job!

  3. Mohawk is not just for the big guys. It’s also trendy for cute little boys!! Hahaha! Grayson really looked cool after he had his haircut. Isn’t it nice that while the barber is getting busy with your son’s hair, your son, on the other hand, is busy playing? :)) Getting a child to focus on something else is great for you to give him the best haircut!

  4. Oh so cute!!! :’) Well, these days, it wouldn’t be difficult for you to give your child a haircut. There are a lot of kids’ salons out there that will give your baby a fun and great haircut experience. The place is filled with toys so children are more likely to focus their attention on it while they get a haircut.

  5. Oh so cute!!!my kid hated cut hair but now it easy!

  6. baby are cute. we should make a blog to record their interesting. cheap human brazilian hair

  7. I loved this hair color!
    I am looking forward to reading new articles.


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