Sunday, March 17, 2013

15 More Tips and Tricks

Its been awhile since I did a big post on Tips and Tricks- so here goes nothing!
As always, click the picture to go to the original source for the idea :)
1.  Via Lifehacker , use a paper clip to help clasp bracelets. Perfect for when the hubs isn't home!
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2. This one comes from Susan Branch Place your pillows in the dryer with a few tennis balls to kill any nasty germs/molds inside of the pillow and return them to their original "fluff" state.
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 I received a wonderful list from one of my lovelies, Brittany, on all of the amazing uses for coffee filters.
3. Use a coffee filter for individual popcorn servings- soaks up the grease and makes a perfect portion size!
4. Want to keep your fine china chip free? A well placed coffee filter between plates will keep it looking pristine and is a cheap and perfect way to ensure you can pass it down from generation to generation.
5. Use a coffee filter to make individual shoe deodorizers. Simply put some baking soda in the center of a filter, make a bundle and secure with a rubber band. They are small enough to fit anywhere and should take the smell out of your favorite tennies!
6. Use a piece of coffee filter to blot excess oil from your face- instead of buying the expensive blotting papers!
7. Use a coffee filter to help little hands hold tacos together while eating. Ive seen this done in the Mexican restaurant by our house, they simply give the kiddo their taco wrapped in the filter, then you can peel it back as you eat.
8. Possibly the best idea EVER- changing diapers is bad enough, but potty training kids on a potty is equally messy. Line the potty with a coffee filter so you can just lift out the number two and deposit in the toilet.
9. ZPanda emailed me how she keeps her plastic storage containers looking like new after 20 years. No more spaghetti stains! Rinse your plastic container in cool water and shake water off, then pour sauce in container and cover. You can freeze these if you like. Take frozen sauce out of plastic and place into a glass bowl to heat.
10. Real Simple had a tip that saves tons of time when trying to clean your box grater. Coat your Grater w Cooking Spray BEFORE using. Easier to use on food because the food doesn't stick in the inside!
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11. I found this on Pinterest- but the link is blocked- so if its yours let me know! Use a window squeegee to remove pet hair from the carpet and furniture.
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12. Use a whisk to help little hands dye Easter eggs- no colored fingers!

13. To remove a stuck on band-aid, use a few drops of shampoo to loosen the adhesive before you attempt to peel it off.  It should come off clean and easy.

14. This one is all over the pinterest world and I've always done it.  You can pay for the paint pan liners, but lining your paint pan with aluminium foil makes for cheap and easy clean up for a fraction of the cost of the plastic liners.

15. Erin from over at Domestic Adventure shared an amazing tip for when you want to re-paint your baseboards or need to paint them after they are installed. Simply use a large Spackle knife and you wont need to tape anything off!  You need to head over to her blog and look at her large collection of tips and tricks- you won't be disappointed! I'm off to the store now to find a microfiber shower curtain liner, as I didn't even know they existed!!


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