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Things to do in Pittsburgh with Kiddos!

I've said it before, I love, love, love my job and I love waking up (even if it is wayyy to early for my taste) and going to work every day.  However, a huge bonus of my job is the fact that I get to hang with my favorite little man for three glorious months every summer. 
Last year we kind of got into a funk- like a's! funk.
Don't judge.
 This year I am determined to not have a repeat, and since Grayson is older and can do so much more I don't think it will be a problem. I've been chatting with the people I work with, tossing around ideas for summer fun and making play date arrangements, and searching pinterest for ideas and I've come up with a schedule.
With such a hefty undertaking I needed a list of resources- so I started googling and compiling. I wanted to post it here in case any of you lovelies were local and needed some fun ideas yourself for when we need to make summer fun again. As I find more I will add them, and if you know of anything Im missing, let me know!!
Ages 5 and Under
Monday-Friday from 9-12
Bridgeville, PA
Gymsport has opened its doors for parents to bring in their preschool, or younger, aged children for parent-supervised playtime on the Jungle Gym and on super fun preschool equipment. This playtime is open to gym members and non-members alike and costs $5 for one hour of play.
Kids from 3-12 
Washington Rd, McMurray PA
Parents call it a break from the kids. Kids call it a break from their parents. That sounds like a win-win situation to us. The Little Gym of Pittsburgh-South Hills Parents╩╝ Survival Nights let you enjoy some adult time to see a movie, catch up with friends or enjoy a meal without the kiddos! Meanwhile, your children get some quality “kid time” in a safe, fun, familiar place with trained instructors who lead them through games and music-filled activities. Parent's Nights are on select Friday and Saturday nights, so check the website or call for info.
Preschool Open Bounce for kiddos 7 and under. The baby beans get to bounce like crazy on assorted inflatable objects for $8.25 a session.  They also offer family open bounce for older kidlets and have franchises all over the US- see website for schedule.
Sewickley, PA
They call themselves a toy store with a difference, because this super cute shop in Sewickley allows you to try out and play with all of the toys in their huge playroom for $2.75 an hour or $1.50 for a half hour.  But here's the really cool part. If you build something with the legos or any of the other cool toys they have back there, you can buy it! All you have to do is take it up to the register and pay by the pound! They also offer birthday parties and I've been to one- they are fantastic.
Toys 2 Try
Scott Town Center
Pittsburgh, PA
Another toy store with a playground located just outside the city limits this place has an amazing wooden pirate ship as well as tons of other toys to climb over and play with.  For $8 per child play as long as you would like in their large play area.  They also offer birthday parties and another added bonus of this place- they offer free local toy delivery!

Just Ducky Tours of Pittsburgh
Station Square
If you haven't seen these cool boats, you simply have to check them out. Parents love the cool facts that that tour guides give, kiddos love riding in the huge u-boat that goes from downtown city streets to a dip in the river.

Carnegie Science Center

Water Steps at PNC Park

Cranberry Splash Pad
Perfect for toddlers, this splash pad is soft and huge!

Duquesne Incline

Round Hill Park
Elizabeth, PA
A park that has a full working farm that kids can walk through and meet and greet their favorite farm animals.

Pirate Game at PNC Park
Sundays are Kids Days- where kiddos get to run the bases after the game


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