Monday, July 1, 2013

52 Weeks of Blogging With A Purpose: Five Years from Now

Linking up again with Becky to talk this week about where my life will be five years from now.

In five years I know parts of my life will be vastly different, and some will be exactly the same.
In five years Grayson will be almost seven. He will be in school full time. That blows my mind. He's barely speaking, certainly not potty trained and is still so much my little man. In five years, he'll be a little independent person and I can not wait to see what the future holds for him. I know he'll be smart, funny and compassionate, I know he'll play sports, and I know he'll be amazing. Other than that, I don't know. I'm okay with not knowing, because I'll learn in time.
In five years I hope that we will be able to give Grayson a sibling. Two siblings may be pushing it, but I know I want at least one more child. I wasn't a good pregnant lady- I threw up at lease once from the moment two lines appeared. I didn't complain, because in the end I knew it would be worth it. But I will admit that now when I think about getting pregnant again that is one thing that makes me shudder in fear.
In five years I hope we're in a different house. That one is tough for me to admit. We got engaged in this house, came home as husband and wife to this house and brought our baby boy home here.  We've spent countless hours working and improving our 1890's fixer, and there is still so much more to go. I love this house, its our home. However there are problems with it. We'll start with the fact that it has one bathroom, no driveway, and a lack of outdoor space. I grew up on 3 acres and now I'm a city girl, its a crazy transition. There are other things, but those are on the list to be fixed.  A new kitchen, dry walling the guest bedroom and playroom, putting in a half bath and laundry room on the first floor are all in our plans to complete over the next few years. We'll see what the future has. If we want to have three kiddos, we're going to have to move because we only have three bedrooms and we need a guest room.
In five years my husband could be on a different career path. Currently he works as a general contractor specializing in flooring. Not easy work, and as a self employed person he has no real pension or back up plan.  His dream is to be a fire fighter for the city of Pittsburgh- and that idea terrifies the beans out of me.  I know its rewarding and wonderful, but its scary to send your husband off to work everyday and not know what dangers he will face.  Of course if this is something his heart wants, I will support him 100% but I will be a nervous Nellie the whole time.
In five years I hope to be an even better Mother and Wife. Because you can always get better. I want to continue to make memories with my husband and grow closer to him in our marriage. I want to be a fun Mom who jumps in puddles and makes messes, because those are the things that will make memories. After all, they're only little once. I'm trying to deal with the messes better. Today my child finger painted and there are now red footprints on the floor. He was so proud of them, I've left them there to show Daddy. I am trying. Wine may help this.
I will still be teaching- and I will be finishing up my -ahem- eighth year in the classroom. I love my job and unless we seriously hit the lottery and I can be a lady of leisure all day, I will never leave it. Its far too awesome of a job to just walk away from. I torture teenagers daily and get paid for it. I do hope to become a better teacher, because just like being a wife and Mama, you can always get better.
I hope that I will still be blogging. I love capturing moments of our lives and sharing them. I hope this blog will grow, and I hope you all will stick with me through the crazy.
I hope that in five years someone will finally invent laundry birth control so that my laundry pile will stop multiplying and I can get a handle on it. Please tell me I'm not the only one who wishes for this?
I hope that I can say that 33 is a good age. Eep. That's a tough number to wrap my head around. Wine may help with that, too. Lots of wine.
Where do you see yourselves in five years, lovelies? Head on over and link up with Becky and join in the fun!


  1. Hey BethanY !I love this idea of 52 weeks of blogging! Where did you find it?

  2. Its a link up from Becky over at From Mrs to Mama- she provides all of the topics each week and you just write :) Its pretty awesome- if you click on the picture in the post it will take you to the link up!


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