Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Blogging with A Purpose: My Weakness

Happy Tuesday, Lovelies! Linking up again with From Mrs. to Mama for her 52 weeks of blogging with a purpose. This week's topic is all about my weaknesses. Geeze, Becky. This one is tough.
No, not because I don't have a weakness- we all have those. Its hard because I have to pick my biggest weakness from the list.  Speaking of the list let's see what's on it, shall we? I'm a procrastinator, I cant spell to save my soul, I try too hard to make others happy, I have problems saying no, big blue eyes (from a Daddy and a baby) make my knees weak and I give in every time, and according to my students they can bribe me with a can of coke and some chocolate. While these are all true things, I don't think they are my biggest weakness.
Mine biggest weakness is the fact that I over think everything and question myself. I lay in bed some nights hashing out situations and over analyzing and over thinking them worrying about my decisions and the outcomes- until morning comes and I've gotten zero sleep. Most of the time what I was worrying about is something so stupid, that I had no reason to worry in the first place. But I do. I stress myself out and make myself sick over next to nothing. A lot of the time it has to do with work and wanting to make sure I've said or done everything right so that no one can ever come back and say otherwise. Lately it has to do a lot with Grayson's speech- I keep wondering if I had read different books or talked to him more when I was on maternity leave or when he was a baby that he wouldn't need EI right now. I know that's silly, and I didn't "break" him or screw him up (not yet at least, haha) but Mommy Guilt coupled with over thinking can really throw you for a loop sometimes.
I hate it, and I'm working every day to try and stop doing it. I'm working with the mantra "You cant control it, so stop worrying about it". I'm a work in progress, but as my husband says that's what makes me fun.

What is your biggest weakness? Head on over and link up with Becky!

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