Monday, July 8, 2013

Summer Essentials- Beaching it with a Toddler

Taking a toddler under two to the beach or pool can be a bit nerve wracking...because you its easy to feel like your dragging a 20 ton bag through the sand.  It doesn't have to be scary or a workout, but it does have to be planned and a well packed bag is a must. I keep this bag packed and ready, then I just throw in snacks and a sippy and we're ready to roll.

Here is my list of must haves for beach travel with a tiny human.

1. Vera Bradley Get Carried Away Tote- I love, love, love this bag. Its big, but not too big, and its got just enough pockets to keep everything in place. Plus some of the pockets are lined in plastic to keep sippies and wet things from leaking. Its also versatile enough to not just be a beach bag, but can go anywhere and not be spotted as a beach tote.

2. Burt's Bees Talc Free Dusting Powder - the easiest way to get sand off of little ones is a bit of baby powder and this one is by far the best. Its talc free, so its totally safe for little ones and works like a charm.

3.  Planet Wise Wet Bag- I got turned on to the idea of wet bags when we were attempting cloth diapers and even though the diapers didn't stick around the wet bag definitely did. They are perfect to put wet swimsuits into after a day at the beach, keeping everything else in the bag nice and dry. I keep them in my diaper bag for the instances when we have a dirty diaper or wet clothes- just toss them in and I don't have to worry about it. Plus, the colors? Can't be beat.

4. Snack Containers- Babies play hard at the beach so snacks are necessary. I love this snack container from Innobaby because I can put four different snacks in and then we have a variety. I also toss a few other snack containers in the bag filled with fruit, crackers and other snacks so we can avoid the unhealthy options of beach concession stands. 

5. Johnson and Johnson Face and Hand Wipes- love these things. They're perfect for washing sand off of hands and faces before snacks and they don't dry out babies skin.
6. iPlay Baby Rash guard and Swim Trunks with SPF 50 Sun Protection- of course when we are out in the sun I slather down the kid with sunblock, that's a no brainer. But I also love to put him in these cute rash guards from iPlay that have built in SPF protection. Its just a little more peace of mind in-between sunscreen lathering sessions. The swim trunks also have a built in swim diaper- which is a nice bonus!
7. Honest Company Sunscreen- I love the fact that this sunscreen has literally no chemicals and is safe for babies UNDER 6 months old. That never happens. Its also hypoallergenic, unscented, not greasy, biodegradable, water resistant for 40 minutes, non-nano and vegetarian. Its perfect and we use it on everyone in the family.
8. MD Moms Babysafe Sunscreen Towelettes- Not going to lie, these are a bit pricy; but the convenience is worth the price.  We all know how hard it is to hold down a baby to lather them up with sunscreen and get it all rubbed in. These towels make it easy to just wipe on a nice layer of sun protection in a quick swipe. I make them last by using the rub in sunscreen on backs and bellies, then swipe these over areas that are harder and more sensitive like faces, eyes and the backs of his neck. I just pop them in a zip lock baggie and seal to use during the next application.
9. Shade Shack Instant Pop Up Sun Shelter- I love this tent because it opens up so quick and folds up so small. I can use it without the hubs being there, so it also goes with us to many pool trips for a little spot of shade.
10. Stearns Puddle Jumper Life Jacket- Grayson hates the life jackets that zip up around his throat but Mr. Fearless also rip runs for the water while forgetting the fact that he doesn't know how to swim all that well, so a lifejacket is a must. Puddle Jumpers are coast guard approved, super cute and kids love them. We won't go to the beach or lake without one!
Other items that are on our must have list? Pampers Little Splashers swim diapers, hooded towels, and a sippy.
What is on your must have beach list? Let me know if my bag is missing an essential!

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