Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013- A Year in Review!

How the heck is 2013 over? Doesn't it seem like just yesterday it was 2012?!
In all seriousness, these are some of my favorite posts to write even if they always make me cry.  If you're new here, sit back and get to know me a bit. If you've been around awhile, laugh with me as I look back on the highs and lows- which lets face it are always funnier- of 2013!
January- Ringing in the new year allowed me to share the toys a 1.5 year old loved for Christmas, as well as some of my many Mom Fails.  I received many words of encouragement for that post, and it let me know that I am not alone in feeling like the worst parent in the world from time to time.  January was also the month I received the most overwhelming amount of support when a nasty anonymous commenter left a heinous comment about Grayson. I responded with Dear anonymous, because no one should ever attack someone else's child behind the veil of anonymity. Overall though, January kicked butt. I did a few DIY projects, spent time with the two loves of my life and I told Emmitt Smith to stop whining on the Anderson Cooper show. Life=complete.
February- Superbowl Sunday calls for awesome snacks, which is why I made these BBQ Chicken Crescent Rolls, which are still a quick dinner night favorite. I also shared one of my personal favorite DIY tricks to get rid of the bathroom nasties. You know what I'm talking about, that crud that forms in the grout around the tub no matter how hard you scrub. Who knew that getting rid of it would be so easy, or cheap. I also kept up the Mom Fails by talking about the things I never imagined I would have to say, although now I know that these were only the beginning.  Keeping the food coma up, I shared my favorite sloppy joe recipe and some adorable pictures of a kid in a desk chair.  Another February high? A friend got married and I got to party with these beautiful ladies!
March- In March I officially had a one and a half year old. I chronicled the day with a Day in the Life of Grayson where I followed him around and took pictures of what his life was really like on the day he turned 18 months old.  To help beat the winter blahs and prepare for summer fun, I shared a list of fun things to do with kiddos in Pittsburgh.  I had a few more tips and ticks to share, and I posted the recipe for the only fried rice my picky husband will eat.  Easter was also in March this year, making for a SUPER LONG stretch between Christmas and Spring Break for this teacher momma.
April- They say April showers bring May flowers, but all I know is that it brings out the crazy we cant be in the house no more feelings around here.  It even made the hubs crazy enough to blog, when he shared secrets about his wife.  I shared the way I DIY'ed the superhero cutouts for Grayson's first birthday...only six months after the party, so that's not too bad, right? I also took some pictures of the crazy toddler playing with the non-toys that he considers more fun that the real ones.
May- HELLO SPRING! Once again, the hubs ran the half marathon (and once again, I ate doughnuts). Only this year Grayson decided to get a stomach bug as I was trapped downtown until Patrick and his Mom were done running. Yeah, that was fun. I think next year I'd rather run the race than go through that again.  After learning such a life lesson, it was only natural to share what motherhood has taught me so far the only way I know how, with humor and sarcasm. We touched some trucks, celebrated Mothers Day, and taught Grayson that he has the most awesome parents in the world because we went to see and ride on Thomas the Train.  Trust me if you're two, this is a much bigger deal.
June- Mommy was officially on summer vacation and that meant it was time for the list of things to accomplish this summer. Im glad to say we made it through most of these things, which makes me feel better for letting some things just fall off the wagon. I opened up and admitted my child needed some help in the speech department when I shared A Child of Few Words, and so many of you came forth with similar stories and successes.  I don't know if you all will ever know how much those stories meant to me, as I was sitting here in the lowest of parenting lows.  Thank each and every one of you for those sweet words. We also hit up Idlewild, which was on our bucket list for like the past five years, so it was really about time.  We also built an awesome swingset, which I realized I never blogged about. Woops.
Don't freak out- the Grandfather just jumped out of the picture, Grayson wasn't up there by himself. My Dad is a bit camera shy!
July- I started the month with sharing my beach essentials for a toddler, because I love to see what is in someone else's bag. I made lazy spaghetti meatballs, which are fantastic and I want to make them again right now. Then I took you on a room by room tour and shared the house bucket list. I'm glad to say that since then we've taken a few ticks off of the list, and added some more. Crap. I wrote some amazingly sarcastic Friday Letters, linked up with a few amazing ladies, and we hit the road for our first big family beach vacation.  (I didn't get the post up on the trip until August, but humor me on this one!)
August- That meant it was almost time to go back to school. After seeing countless people on facebook/twitter that I will refer to as jerk faces complain how easy teachers have it I decided to share what my life really is like as a teacher. I also talked the insane-ness that are toddler mood swings. Yikes. Not wanting to only think my child was a three headed monster which lets face it, they can be when those mood swings strike, I wrote about toddler moments I want to remember. So that I could remember his sweet face when he gives snuggles, rather than the crazy toddler wildabeast who ripped curtains off of my front door while I was on the phone. True story!  We were also in full fledged birthday party prep around here, Thomas the Train Style, prepping for a certain guy to turn Two.
September- Mommy was back to work but birthday plans were still in full swing. We celebrated our boy turning two without the need for sedative meds (HOWWW do I have a TWO year old?!!), and had a blast. I shared what it looks like to be a Mom (sans the Mom jeans, of course), and three books that I actually thought were worth reading. I let you in on how we manage to not eat out five plus times a week by meal planning, and answered some of the best random questions out there.
October- The month of two of my favorite things, our third wedding anniversary and Halloween! I participated in my first #TBT with a little gem from high school. We hit up the pumpkin patch, got our 32 pound pumkin and even picked some of the most delish apples ever. Then we had to go see the Duck, because when a 40 foot rubber duck comes to town you cant NOT go see it. I had a few confessions after hearing an Usher song on the radio that made me laugh out loud.
November- the sugar high wore off and I got my Halloween recap up, as well as the pumpkin carving pictures. I shared how I make parmesan crusted chicken fingers, a favorite meal around here. I got the birthday party recap up for the big Thomas the Train Party, and shared some details on the DIY elements.

December- Well I sucked at blogging this month. I got the tree hunt post up, then showed the tree all decorated. I shared ideas on what a toddler would love to receive for Christmas, and the Christmas Recap.  I had every intention to post a favorite Christmas cookie recipe and some cool Christmas crafts that we did, but I just didn't get around to it!
Oh well, there's always next year, right?!
Hope your 2013 was amazing, and if you do a year in review post it in the comments so I can check it out!
Happy New Year, Lovelies!

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