Monday, November 14, 2011

Cinnamon Roll Waffles

The other day I saw a recipie on Pinterest where you plop canned cinnamon rolls into the waffle iron for 2-3 minutes instead of baking them in the oven.

Sounds quick and easy, but how would they taste?


No crusty burnt bits, soft and gooey, and the icing melts into all the little waffle holes.

I made 5 waffles, and the hubs ate 4.5 of them before I even got a bite. Thats why he only ate 4.5, I finnally yelled STOP and got a half for myself. I would have made more, but we were out of Cinnamon Rolls- so this weeks shopping list has 3 containers on them as they would be great for a quick morning breakfast during the week.

Seriously lovlies, you gotta try these.


  1. Oh my, that looks SO good! I was thinking the same thing about the icing melting in to the holes then I read that it did just that. Yum.

  2. Yummmm! Thanks for sharing!! I have been wondering if these were as yummy as they seemed! lol

    I'm following you back from the Super Stalker Sunday! Thanks for linking up!!

    Join us again this weekend,
    Kortney @ Kortney's Krazy Life!


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