Sunday, November 27, 2011

Our Baby Butterball- First Thanksgiving

I'm one of those Mommy's.  One who dresses her kid up in outfits and hats for holidays.

I figure I only really have a year until he learns to say "No Momma!", so I'm taking full advantage now.

Its crazy to think that last year on Thanksgiving, the hubs and I woke up on our honeymoon in Mexico. We didn't have an alarm clock, and had no where to be. It was 85, sunny, beautiful and perfect.

This year, Grayson yelled for us at 7am. He ate, then we played until we had to get dressed to run to the first of three Thanksgiving stops for the day.
It was 50, rainy and gloomy. And yet, still perfect.

I can honestly say I couldn't have dreamed a more perfect day. (Except for searing my arm on the rack in my Mom's oven...that's one way to get me to put a few quarters in the swear jar!) Here are just a few of the pictures from that day...and you tell me that hat isn't amazing.

Too much turkey = double chin. Oops!

We're truly blessed.

Now, bring on the fat man in red- Momma is ready for Christmas!


  1. That's super cute. I too dress my daughter when she allows in cute outfits. I found your blog on super stalker sunday hop. It's cute.

    Mine is if you care to check it out.


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