Saturday, November 19, 2011

Cloth Diapering

Before the bean was born, I had my heart set on cloth diapering.  It was going to be wonderful and green and easy and save us tons of money. 


You know that saying, "Want to make God laugh? Just tell him your plans"? I think Grayson also opperates under this mantra. He HATED cloth dipes. Like miserable baby times a million as soon as he was wet. I think thats why he perfected the pout at 3 weeks old.

Anywho- Im over at Nap Time is My Time today telling the world about my first epic mommy fail.

Head on over here and check it out!!
Hope you have a wonderful and much deserved vaca, Emily! I had such a wonderful time blogging for you :)

Nap Time is My Time

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  1. I did cloth with my first little bean and my second is in disposables! He poops all the time and it was too much for me. I have great cloth diapers (all in ones) that are practically new!! Anyways, good luck with your little bean! They are a gift full of surprises, love and learning opportunities.

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    Best- Clancy


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