Saturday, November 26, 2011

Month Two Must Haves

This month we have only had really a few new things that I would say are new cant-live-withouts. We're still loving on all of our things from month one, but these are our new additions.

(If you missed Month One Must Haves, check them out here!)

Best thing ever! Its a binky, attached to a small stuffed animal- so when they spit it out in the car it doesn't fall by their feet. Making it possible for Mommy to find it from the drivers seat in traffic. Grayson also likes to hold onto the monkey, and its the perfect size for his little hands.

The have a dribble catcher! Its just a raised area at the top of the bib, but it stops the milk from running down into the folds of the double chin. Genius!

The Lovey

Basically, a blanket with a head.  Super soft and adorable, they're really the only toys Grayson plays with.  He hugs on them, and talks to them its super adorable. In the car he usually has one under each arm and hes a happy kid.

We turn this on at night, and it makes the womb sounds and the sound of Mommy's heartbeat.  We started turning this on when we moved him into his own room and he started sleeping through the night. It also just helps to calm him down when hes upset.


  1. I couldn't agree more with your month two items! The womb bear is absolutely amazing! My boys both loved it. And the wubbanub is also amazing. My boys never really took a pacifier, but they just loved to cuddle and chew on it. lol. Hey, if it keeps them entertained! ;) Thanks for stopping by and following. Love your blog and look forward to reading more. I followed you back!

  2. The Closer to Nature bib has ruined all my kiddos blankets with a silky-edge. Make sure you separate the two in the dryer! :(


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