Monday, August 20, 2012

High Chair Re-do!

Ever since Grayson was born I have been scouring Pinterest for ideas for photos- when I came across this guy.

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Source: Katie @ Loves of Life

I knew then, I needed one of these suckers. I started searching craigslist and came across this guy and brought him home for a whopping $5.

Blah. Old. Ugly. Scratched up. But oh so much potential.

So first I sanded...and sanded...and sanded. All of those rungs that you think are adorable, you will suddenly hate because they take forever to sand.

Just sand it enough to get the primer to stick- but you have to get all of the nooks and crannies, which took me a good hour with the sand paper.

Once sanded, use a piece of tack cloth and get off all of the dust. Then its time to prime.

This is my spray painting friend. You pull the trigger and get a nice even spray- its fool proof. Or as the hubs says- Bethany proof.  It was $6 in Home Depot and worth every cent.

After a few coats of Kiltz it was ready to go- but again those rungs make you want to kill yourself.  You have to flip it over to make sure you get all of the sides covered.

Then it was time to turn it blue. This is after one coat- and it already looks 1,000,000 times better.

And the finished product?


Cant wait to show you the incredible 1 year pictures that he will take in this chair, or the smash cake fun-ness that will also happen here.

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