Friday, August 3, 2012

If you REALLY knew me...

You would know that I put Heinz Ketchup on almost anything. Some things that gross the hubs out? Potato chips, mac n cheese, and green beans to name a few. I don't put it on pizza though- that's just weird.

You would know I love all things Wizard of Oz. I even have collectibles in my classroom and a special mug that I drink my caffeine from that says 'Dont make me get the flying monkeys" Yeah, I'm five. Its cool.

You would know that I would have 10 kids if I could a) afford to give them the life I think they deserve b) didn't have to get pregnant 11 times because, well, that sucked and c) if I had a live in maid/nanny so I could get stuff done.

You would know that due to my first job as a general slave in the K Cafe at Kmart I can not STAND to see a sink full of dirty dishes or crumbs on a table.

You would know that I started playing the violin in 3rd grade, and stopped on the last day of my senior year. I played every day for 10 years, and haven't played for nearly 10- but I can still name pieces and pick the violin out of almost any song. 

You would know that I have a deep seeded hatred for the dentist. I need bribed with presents to go, and I'm an adult. The only dentist I like is my friend Christine- because shes only in dental school and not completely evil yet.

You would know that every day when I walk into work, or wake up in the summer, I have to have a can of Coca Cola. I can feel the caffeine suck into my cheeks, and it makes me happy.

You would know that I over-think and over-worry about everything. I can drive myself crazy worrying, so I'm sure the teenage years are just going to be WONDERFUL over here. I may need to be sedated when Grayson learns to drive.

You would know that my husband was the very first person I met at college- in fact I almost ran him over. We started talking and clicked- we were instant best friends and close for about 1 1/2 years before we started dating. Meeting him was the best thing that ever happened to me, even if he drives me bonkers sometimes. what would I know if I really knew YOU?



    After reading your post; I decided it was time to update MY blog!

    Thanks for a great topic.

    And, Ketchup is not bad on grilled cheese, scrambled eggs, meatloaf, liver and onions, etc.

  2. i add ketchup to everything too! its SO good on mac&cheese w some sliced hot dogs! yum!!!! haha! TGIF! xo Kelly

  3. I have never had a fear of dentists in my 40+ years, until now. Our long-time dentist retired and we had to find a new one. I do not believe that dental care is what it used to be. The last dentist that we tried wanted to do so much extra stuff that we felt was unnecessary. In addition, it took days for the pain to go away after a filling, as opposed to the mere hours it took when my old dentist did the work, and the new guy refused to adjust my bite splint, saying that it didn't need it. Sorry, but my old dentist who made my bite splint adjusted it at every single appointment. ugh.

    I add sour cream to just about everything. But ketchup goes well with cheese. It's just as natural as hot fudge on ice cream. :)


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