Thursday, August 9, 2012

Ten Months Old

Grayson Boy-

We did it- you have officially been on the outside as long as it took to bake you. I still cant grasp how you can be 10 months old, but that's besides the point.

You made it EXTREMELY difficult to take these pictures, peanut. You don't sit still for a nano second, and picture taking is a team event these days.

At your 9 month appointment you were 21 pounds 8 ounces, and when we took you back to your 10 month appt you were still exactly the same,  21 lbs 8 oz.  You did however, grow an extra inch- so you're one tall little guy.  You grow too fast, but Daddy is excited for the chance to have a tall boy so hes okay with it. You're breaking into 9-12 month clothes, but can still wear your 6-9 month shirts and size 3 diapers.

This month you took your first vacation- 11 hours in a car and you did excellent.  You barely cried, and were pleasant the whole time. We went to Tennessee and Georgia, and you did a lot of firsts. The only thing you really were not a fan of was the tubing on the Taccoa River because they made you wear a life jacket. You screamed the whole time, and made us all feel so bad.

You're trying so hard to walk, you take 5-6 steps off of the couch before you drop to your knees and take off crawling. You zoom around the couch, literally running the length of the sectional and fling yourself at whoever is there to catch you.

You climb on EVERYTHING. It drives Mommy crazy, because you take your little red chair and push it to the couch and scale it like its no big deal. The other day I was on the phone with Grammy and she asked where you were, and when I looked up to see what you were doing you were trying to climb onto the back of the sofa.  I keep joking that I'm going to attach you to the doggie run so you can't get too far!

You've mastered the high five and so big, and love to do them for people. The other skill you've figured out is clapping.  You clap for yourself all the time, and you wait for us to tell you "Yay Grayson!" while you're doing it. If we don't, you yell at us and its pretty funny. 

Your other new trick is the stinker face- and you give it whenever you are not thrilled with a situation.
 When you get really agitated, you also snort while making this face and that makes everyone laugh. You're full of personalty, and I love it.

You got to celebrate your first 4th of July as well as the birthdays of both Grammy's this month. You loved watching the small fireworks, but the big ones were too late for you- you passed out before they started.  You painted your first masterpieces this month for Grandma's birthday, and Mommy and Daddy were a little jealous that they got your first works of art.  

You love to eat new foods, but you hate when we baby you. You don't like food cut up into baby pieces, you want the big people food and you eat it like a champ.  The other day we went to eat with Grandma and you ate her burger, and you also eat whole slices of pizza.  You want your cereal on a spoon with milk, and a full on banana for breakfast. Chicken strips are a favorite, and so is any type of bread. Spaghetti you think belongs in your hair or on the backs of the puppies, but its so cute to watch you eat it. 

You're a talking fool. Of course all you ever want to say is DaaaaDaaaa! You jibber on and on and so far we can pick out words like Mama, Dada, Dog, Yea, and Nana. Mostly though, its all about daddy. He doesn't mind, but it does drive me nuts.  Grammy even tried to bribe you to say Mama- she offered to give you a dollar to say it. You held your hand out like pay up, and laughed at her. You are too much my love.

Grayson you are amazing. I cant say it enough. I love you more than words can say and even though I'm pretty sure you're going to give me a heart attack, I wouldn't change a thing about you or our time together.  You are the light of our lives and were really blessed to be your parents. I cant wait to see everything else you're going to be able to do next month, because you learn everything so fast. Its okay if you slow down a bit though, Mommy doesn't mind if you want to stay a baby for awhile.

Love always,


  1. Happy Birthday to Grayson! That's awesome! My little man is eight months old today :) Time is just flying by.


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