Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Month 10 Must Haves!!

Here is what were loving this month!

Fisher Price Little People Classic Block Shapes.Opens in a new window

These blocks are the perfect size for little guy to start playing with, because they are still too big to fit into his mouth.  He tries to put them together, and can stack them on top of each other- but has yet to get them to click. He can seriously play with these for a good 30 minutes- which is amazing in Mommy time.

This pool is $7.99 at Toys R Us- and while its the perfect size for baby swimming, its useful for so much more.  Its the absolute perfect size to contain any messy play, and because its that super light plastic it can be cleaned easy and moved to wherever its needed. 

So far we have used it to paint in, play with moon sand, play with jello- all big hits.

This is Graysons current favorite spot to watch Super Why. Its his own chair, and the remote balances just perfect on the arm rest.  I like it because its wooden, so its sturdy. When he tries to pull himself up on it, it stays put- which is a plus because hes constantly using this as a jungle gym. Oy.

Best. thing. ever. I can bring along 5 different snacks- puffs, fruit, goldfish, pretzels, and Cheerios all in the space that the Puffs container used to fit. Each piece comes apart and has a little pour spout so they all stay in place. You can put formula, and pacifiers in the compartments as well and remove any part you don't wish to take along. Anytime I am out people always stop and ask where I got it, its just a really awesome diaper bag essential.

If you want the bowl to stay put, this is your answer. It prevents them from knocking the bowl over when they are attempting to get food out themselves, or from tossing it over the edge when they no longer want to eat. Plus, they have lids, which means you can save some for later and just pop it into the fridge. Also works well on the snack tray of the stroller, or the tables at restaurants where they don't always have kid friendly tableware.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this! My lil man is right behind yours, and I'm always needing ideas!


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