Thursday, September 6, 2012

Its Okay Thursdays!

Back this week linking up with Neely and Amber for Its Okay Thursday!

Its Ok Thursdays
Its Okay...
If you secretly want to knock your baby over every time he takes a step. Im not ready for that, damnit!
To tear up when you think that your kid is going to be a year old. Holy eff, where did that time go?!
To wake your kid up early so you can stop at Starbucks on the way to school.
To walk around with your class rosters to get the scoop on all of your new students before you meet them.
To spend most of your time on hall duty talking to yourself in effort to remember all of the things you have to do in your day.
To be fast asleep by 9 PM because you're that exhausted...or old...or both.
To pretend you're on a phony cell phone call to avoid talking to the creepy booth people at the mall who want to rub weird lotion on your hands.
To stalk the real estate websites looking for a new house when you know your hubs loves the one you're already in...this girl needs a driveway stat.
To love your job enough that when your SAHM friends say "Oh its terrible you cant stay home" you answer "No, its not- I love my job" even when they give you the 'Youre the worst mommy ever' look because they think you don't want to be with your kid
If your kid wants to eat cheerios and chicken nuggets for dinner, at least hes eating something!
So what's okay with you this week? Go link up!


  1. HaHa knock him over. I'm sure we've all thought about it. Have a good one :-)

  2. wow. <3 vry happy i found this randomly... it was truly a refreshing read. thanks for creating this blog- sharing your wit & humor- and keeping it real, funny, and inspirational. [ glad i found :]


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