Thursday, September 27, 2012

One Year Pictures

A few weeks before Grayson hit the big 0-1 we met with Jackie of JDG Photography for a photo session in the park.  In the one hour we were toghether she took well over 450 images, and edited at least 100. The results were a CD chocked full of images that made this Momma cry.
Be prepared for cuteness overload.

If you are in the Pittsburgh Area, you definitely need to give Jackie a call. She took the time to play with Grayson in between shots, and even when he was having an epic meltdown she managed to get him to smile. Shes the sweetest ball of energy and is insanely creative and talented.  Im already planning our Christmas and Easter photo more portrait places at the mall for this lady!
To see more of Jackie's work check her out on Facebook at JDG Photography!


  1. I was looking through different blogs, and came accross yours. I haven't had much of a chance to dig too deep in here, but I did come to this post and fell in love. Our son's have the same name, although, I spell my son's Gracin. Once I saw that their names are the same, I instantly added this site to my favorites. I enjoy reading other mother's experiences with their children along with their daily lives. I hope you are doing well! I'm sure I'll be back soon to read more!


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