Sunday, September 2, 2012

New layout and up and running- a catch up!

Two exciting things happened around these parts this weekend...well more than that, but we'll start with these two.
First is the ah-mazing blog redesign done by Jessica over at Diamond Doll Designs.  She was worth the wait, and a pure joy to work with.  Her creativity amazed me, because all I told her were some colors and from a one paragraph email she created all of this. I absolutley love it, and I love her for doing it so perfectly. A million thank yous Jessica!!
Second- Grayson has figured out those legs of his. We don't just walk, lovelies, we run.
So now you get my super creative post title- cause its not just the new layout that's up and running!
Now after this posts Ill be off to purchase a bubble wrap suit...I kid, I kid. Kind of.
We also celebrated the birth of Grayson's first friend this weekend, Miss Marley turned one three weeks before we hit the big 01 in this house.  I cant believe a year has come and gone, but I'm sure Ill be saying that every year until hes 70.
Happy Sunday, Lovelies!


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